Toru Yamashita (One Ok Rock)


It is just a very honest opinion of mine, but surely I think this guy DESERVES to be in (at least) top ten of this list (or every other "best guitarist" list). I agree with people who said that "you could clearly see his love and passion for music", and even "his presence alone demands attention"; those things are simply just one of many other things about him that people like me (read: fans of the band ONE OK ROCK) feel towards Leader-sama (read: Toru Yamashita). Perhaps it (indeed) sounds so subjective, but you can check it out yourself whether he really deserves the title or not (you can do it easily by looking up to his profile/identity/affiliation with the band he created 11 years ago, ONE OK ROCK, on Google).

His guitar playing skills have been really good from the beginning, but are still getting better and better with each year. When he plays live, he sometimes looks like he is in his own world. He is really passionate and I admire him for that a lot. In fact, he is the reason I started playing the guitar again after years of not finding the motivation. I saw him live in Europe for the fourth time, and when I went home, I thought back to how much heart he put into playing guitar and the band itself, and somehow, it motivated me to put up my guitar again everyday since.

I think all of the ONE OK ROCK fans know that, Toru, as a leader and the guitarist, he always does the jobs that he should do. He deserves to be in the Top 10 because he shows his passion to music and guitar, also. His skills are just awesome and he is actually improving a lot from the beginning. He is really hard-working to do as many things as he can for supporting the band. In addition, he's also talented at singing, including power fry and moreover, he's a music lover who destined to be the guitarist. No Toru No ONE OK ROCK.

Why isn't he in the top ten? This guy can play the guitar while spinning and headbanging without even missing a beat. His energy on stage is always high and can I just say that he isn't even my favorite member in his band but when he came out of the stage I couldn't get my eyes off him. His appeal is that strong ok. His passion for music is very deep and you can clearly see that when you see him play live. He deserves more votes than this

How come my Toru is not in the Top 10?
When I heard a One Ok Rock song for the first time I was not just impressed with the vocals but also with its intrumentals. The lead amazed me! And he just keeps on improving every time. And have you seen them live? You'll be speechless! Not just he have those starstruck looks but the way he moves onstage like he is enjoying every part of the show. He also doesn't miss a note even with all those jumping, running, turning around. Words will not be enough when you seem him play onstage. And not only he is a very good guitarist but also a very impressive leader of the band. And his good looks is just an additional to the package

Ehh? He's far back in the list? How can that be? He's just so simply amazing every time he plays his guitar! And even if he moves around the stage he can still perfectly play every single note without missing anything. And he still gets better and better every time they play a new song. When he picks up his guitar you could clearly see his love and passion for music. It's like that you're being mesmerized by him that you can't focus on the other members because your eyes are stuck to him. Personally, I think that he really is a great guitarist with a lot of potential in him.

Aside from his talent in playing the guitar, his leadership skills are top-notch! If he has a dream, he will pursue it, no matter what it takes. And look where his band is now, jam-packed (almost always sold-out) live tours worldwide, highly-viewed music videos, winning music awards here and there. He's a very career-driven person, and should occupy the top ten at least.

He carries the sole guitar role for the band, though not really uncommon, he makes it look so easy. He creates the most bad ass riffs I have ever heard and his presence is a force to be reckoned with. To top it off he is the leader-sama of the band...! He's very talented and great at what he does. I can see him still being relevant far off in the future.

Toru is the best guitarist in the world all the time because he's handsome(? )! He is always so concentrating during the live shows, paying his life to music, he always can become the spotlight on stage. He can create such great, fascinating music, and play guitar so well that it almost seems is a part of his body. He is very nice, too, and cute, funny, humorous. I hope he can always himself, be the Toru forever! Muah LOVE YOU!

Toru should be in the top 5. I mean, just watch him play and you will know. His passion and love for music reflect on how he plays the instrument.

Toru-sama is literally the backbone is One Ok Rock, and his passion for what he does is undeniable. He's also a really kind and supportive person, proven by the fact that he sent his fellow band members emails before their shows back in the early stages of One Ok Rock. I don't get why he isn't appreciated more.

Toru should be on top. He work too hard to get this far. Being a leader was never easy, but he carry on this role PERFECTLY. ONE OK ROCK is amazing because he was the one who binds all of them together.

He's so amazing on his guitar performance not just guitar playing skill but everything makes Toru perfect. Compare his skill with his ages 27 that quite young but he very success on his career, actually with all of ONE OK ROCK's member they are perfect and successful.

He is such a great and talented man! As many of you said, he is getting better little by little. I had the opportunity to listening to him in a concert, and he is pure energy and passion. We must give him a chance and be ready for what is coming from him. Go, Toru! You rock!

Without this man, ONE OK ROCK would not reach 10 years in the industry! He is the backbone of the band and his skills are top notch!

He should be in the top 5. He's a sexiest guitarists ever, and such a great guitar player. You have to see him in live performance

Just seeing Toru play the guitar will reflect his passion for music. He captivates the audience while he performs. I saw him live for the first time a few months back and damn bro., he was amazing!

His solos are always so great! I never really appreciated his guitar-playing skills until I heard ONE OK ROCK play live, and man oh man was he amazing.

I agree to this. Toru should be one of the top10! You don't know how great he is when he play (beside from kicking, turning, headbanging and even playing the guitar in different positions, what else? ) the tunes that he make from the guitar are so god. You guys should definitely watch him play.

Toru supposed to be able to occupy the top 5, he was able to replace Alex and now he became the lead guitarist, and you have to look at his ability to play the guitar, he is the BEST!

He is not just a guitarist but rather a excellent performer. His stage presence is overwhelming and doesn't get outshined by Taka. His good leadership is also a plus

Toru should be on the Top 5. He's awesome. It's like a guitar is just an accessory for him. He's very different from other guitarists out there, such an amazing talent he has! Love you Toru!

He is one of the best guitarist I had seen and with all those actions he do while playing his guitar in their concert yet he is still hit it right on the note, he should be on the top 10

Since his band only have 4people, he just only can perform one guitar in live, but he is responsible for all the guitar tracking in their song, its amazing.

I believe age does not equate to skills.. Toru may be younger than most people on the list, but he has the skills, better listen to him play and you'll know