Best Japanese Movies of all Time


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1 Seven Samurai

Not just Japan but on of the world's best movies of all the time.

One of the greatest films ever made

2 Spirited Away

This should defiantly be number one!

3 Ikiru

Ikiru is one of Kurosawa's greatest films, and certainly his most touching

4 Tokyo Story

Tokyo Story is a classic for any film buff to watch

5 Late Spring
6 Rashomon

This was the film that introduced Japanese filmmaking and Kurosawa to the world

7 The Life of Oharu
8 Love Exposure
9 Battle Royale

The original (and better version of) The Hunger Games

Kiriyama guns down his classmates with an Uzi, what's not to love.

10 Mononoke Hime

The Contenders

11 Ran V 1 Comment
12 Gojira V 1 Comment
13 Yojimbo V 1 Comment
14 Ugetsu V 1 Comment
15 Akira
16 Harakiri V 1 Comment
17 Tokyo Gore School
18 Ballad
19 The Human Condition III: a Soldier's Prayer
20 Hotaru no haka
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3. Ballad
1. Gojira
1. Ikiru
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