Best Japanese Movies of all Time


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1 Seven Samurai

Not just Japan but on of the world's best movies of all the time.

One of the greatest films ever made

2 Ikiru

Ikiru is one of Kurosawa's greatest films, and certainly his most touching

3 Tokyo Story

Tokyo Story is a classic for any film buff to watch

4 Late Spring
5 Spirited Away

This should defiantly be number one!

6 Love Exposure

4 hours of insanity, love, comedy, sex, christianity, panty shots, mystery, thriller, horror, gore, and all of it is worth the time.

7 Battle Royale

Ah, the ORIGINAL battle royal, before Fortnite

Kiriyama and Mitsuko may be some of the best villains to watch in any movie.

Best movie ever

The original (and better version of) The Hunger Games

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8 Rashomon

This was the film that introduced Japanese filmmaking and Kurosawa to the world

9 The Life of Oharu
10 Gojira

This is amzing! - Fireboy


RUN! It’s GOZILLLAAA! - Granton8ter05

The Contenders

11 Ugetsu

Mizoguchi's ghost tale is a near-masterpiece in my book

12 Mononoke Hime

Best movie ever.

13 Ran

Nearly Kurosawa's best film

14 Fireworks
15 Princess Mononoke
16 The Human Condition III: a Soldier's Prayer
17 Grave of the Fireflies
18 Yojimbo

Another classic Kurosawa

19 Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind
20 Akira
21 Audition
22 Harakiri

Kobayashi's masterpiece

23 Pokémon: The First Movie
24 Mothra
25 Castle in the Sky
26 Onibaba
27 Guilty of Romance
28 Ringu
29 Sansho the Bailiff

This is Mizoguchi's best film

30 Red Beard
31 Tokyo Gore School
32 Ballad
33 Brave Hearts: Umizaru
34 Kaiji : The Ultimate Gambler
35 Cyborg She


36 Tokyo Twilight
37 Early Summer
38 Ghost in the Shell
39 Hotaru no haka
40 Tonari no Totoro
41 Tokyo Olympiad
42 Nobody Knows
43 Rurouni Kenshin (2012)

It was a great adaptation! The cast was very close to perfection!

Yes finally a great adaption

44 The Incite Mill
45 K-20: The Legend of the Mask
46 Shaolin Girl
47 Strange Circus
48 Ichi the Killer
49 Visitor Q
50 All About Lily Chou-Chou
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1. Princess Mononoke
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2. Mothra
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