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1 Love Rainbow - Arashi V 3 Comments
2 Qualia - Uverworld

I vote this because I'm an UVERworld maniac. And also because Qualia is a touching song that has an epic movie-like feeling (and not just because it was featured in the Gundam 00 movie). I can listen to it over and over.

I'm listening it right now I really love this band's music and this song is amazing.

The song has a really calming effect when I listen to it. The vocals are absolutely amazing. UVERworld always does a good job in producing good music!

3 Motto Tsuyoku - Exlie
4 Stargazer - Alice Nine V 1 Comment
5 Nee - Perfume

Perfume is just a great Japanese Girl Group! Next to "Nee" they have lot's of different great songs! Perfume is the very best! 33

6 Good Lucky!!!! - Gukki
7 Eternal - Akanshi Jin V 2 Comments
8 Lotus - Arashi V 2 Comments
9 Answer - no3b

I love the song it is awesome

V 1 Comment
10 Run for You - KAT-TUN

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11 Beat Line - Hey! Say! JUMP
12 Heavy Rotation - AKB48

I don't know a lot of Akb48 songs, but this HEAVY ROTATION is just happiness itself! I miss that old Akb TT

When the founders of AKB48 were still around TT I miss them so much

V 4 Comments
13 Crossing Field - Lisa Crossing Field - Lisa V 1 Comment
14 Flavor of Life - Utada Hikaru

With the success of Hana Yori Dango, this song became a phenomenon in Japan, becoming the award winning single of the year and Utada's no. 1, most successful top selling hit (though she has many more). The best thing is that it's not overrated; it really is an amazing song. With Utada's American R&B roots mixed in with Japanese lyrics, it really is a masterpiece. Listen to it! Now!

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15 Real Face - KAT-TUN
16 5x10 - Arashi
17 Niji - Ninomiya Kazunari (Arashi)

It's the best song ever! I can listen to this song when I am sad.

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18 Smile Ichiban Ii Onna - An Cafe
19 Ketsui No Asa Ni - Aqua Timez

This song has incredible musical feel. It's one of those songs that you can listen to forever, as it was written from the heart. The lyrics are beautiful... Everything is perfect.

20 Brave Heart - NERDHEAD ft. Nishino Kana
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1. Love Rainbow - Arashi
2. Qualia - Uverworld
3. Motto Tsuyoku - Exlie



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