Huge change to the list!

As some of you know X Japan has held the #1 title for a LONG time for best Japanese rock band. On the "Best Rock Bands of all Time" they scored #3. However, the Gazette finally took the throne for best Japanese rock band. I'm not a big Gazette nor X Japan fan, but to see X Japan just fall on so many lists is something worth noticing. On the best rock bands they went from #3 to #10 within half a year. They are beginning to fall probably due to the lack of something new. After seeing X Japan regroup again without hide caused many people to step a few feet back from X. Sugizo still claims he never replaced hide and he is still a mamber of X. (Which is awesome, but hide is still too good).

As for the Gazette, seeing them at the top totally proves lots of adolcents are voting on the list. I may be a teen myself, but the gazette's main fanbase are teenagers am I correct? I can prove more female teens are voting, because bands like Scandal, Sid, UVERworld, An Cafe, Alice Nine etc have all risen in the past 6 months. While bands like Janne Da Arc, Maximum the Hormone and D'erlanger are falling. Still though, X Japan and the Gazette both have 15% of the voters with them, but Gazette is slightly ahead. while battling for 3rd is L'arc~en~Ciel and Dir en Grey, both with 10% of the voters. Laruku used to be far ahead of Diru, but DEG has risen tremendously in terms of percentage. Sooner or later Dir en Grey might pass L'arc, which would be awesome for me because I love Dir en Grey!

Now I like Gazette, should they be #1? I don't know about that... Ultimately, it is the voters choice so who gives a crap right? Anyways, I hope bands like Maximum the Hormone rises, they are too underated to not be in the top ten!