Alice Nine


From Shou's vocals to Tora, Saga, Hiroto, and Nao's instrumentals, Alice Nine is definitely a band to keep an eye out for. They've got the most beautiful melodies I've ever heard, and their compositions are both deeply moving and amazing to listen to. This band really makes a big deal out of their music, and the fact that each member contributes to the overall song composition is a key factor when it comes to this band. I think they deserve a way higher rank because judging by their music, their lyrics, and their passion, they're definitely the greatest visual kei band I've ever come across.

Alice Nine is AWESOME. Their style of music is different and unique. Their lyrics is also very deep.
Shou's voice is strong and rhythmic.
Tora's guitar has the effect of elegance in the music.
Saga's beat of the bass is the sexiness(laugh out loud).
Nao's drums are what really supports the music.
Hiroto's activeness with his amazing guitar completes:


Alice Nine is viual key band have pure and freedom genre of music, I guess!
and why Alice Nine feel like many style in all of the song, I think cause the member of Alice Nine defense self style of music like Dr. Nao (Jazz), Bs. Saga (Punk Melody), Gt. Tora (Metal-hardccore), Gt. Hiroto (Rock) and Vo. Shou (Pop-Ballad) thats just my oppinion, so you never borred to listen Alice Nine's Music.

Alice nine saved my me so many times. I've never met them in concert, and I always say to myself crying and sobbing: " I'll meet them, one day ". I hope they never stop airing the A9 Channel, because I can see them as real music humans. They're unique, they're my precious idols, they're everything to me. I wish them the best.

Is a band where it is demonstrated that they want as a family. Besides having a great closeness with their fans. Shou expresses a great feeling to sing. When Hiroto and Tora play their guitars can make you feel his great sync. Saga makes all the magic with his bass. And Nao to play drums, it makes you go very deep in the heart. Alice Nine are awesome!

This is my favorite band eternal! I love them since 2009 and the first song that I hooked is Mirror Ball. And, I love the drummer Nao because beside he's the leader he's totally cute and... Chubby he compose siva&diva. The the song's great! And... My favorite single is Zekkeishoku!

They deserve to be so much higher than this! They are inspiring, hardworking, caring and do everything possible to make their fans enjoy their music. They are humorous and just downright amazing. Everybody, please help correct this wrong!

I love Alice Nine! They're the band that got me into Visual Kei and they're still my favorite! The complexity of their songs and the beautiful and deep lyrics are something I still find to be unique to this band! Besides, on an aesthetic level, they're all incredibly handsome!

Alice nine deserves top 10, their music is touching and the meaning is so good, with the poetic words and the melody, it all perfect. I love this band so much, the guitarists, the vocalist, the bassist, and also the drummer, they're all great musician.

Alice Nine are absolutely amazing. Shou's voice is amazing and reaches depths that no other Japanese vocalist can ever hope to achieve. Combine that with an inspiring band, heart-wrenching lyrics and band mates that have their own unique brand of music, and you have struck gold. Alice Nine forever!

I'm voting for them because I know they deserve it. They write amazing songs and their personalities are shine so brightly. They are one of those bands where no member is over looked, each are important and all share the spotlight equally. And Rainbows is the mostly godly song on the planet. No song can top that one. Ever.

Alice nine definitely belongs to the top ten... It could be evenly compared to Gazette... Their musical style and abilities are top notched... Be it a ballad, rock, alternative... Alice nine is really the SUPERB OSHARE-KEI upriser!

This band is just plain amazing. They've done everything through their career from punk to pop to metal - and even tackled a 12-minute progressive rock song and PULLED IT OFF. How many bands, Japanese or American, could do that in this day and age?

I love this band very much! The lyrics are meaningful and touched my heart. Hiroto & Tora & Saga are talented on compose and I love Nao's drumbeat! Shou's voice is from the god All of them are talented! I love them very much

X-japan, the gazette and l'arc en ciel, I can understand these bands being on top... But Alice Nine is better than most of the band that are above for the moment, Alice Nine deserve more than this. They are an awesome band, with real talent!

They just come across as being sincere and hardworking and they out so much effort into their art, they're always growing and learning and discovering while enjoying what they do. This passion od their shines through their music, they're truly talented individuals!

I like Alice Nine's the sound of song. It's make me warm, happy, sentimental and smile with my tears. I love shou's voice that voice is make me strong. When I here there song, I have power full.

I love this band! And I don't even know what they're saying! I listened to this band for the first time today and I am already a big fan of their music.

Alice Nine are different from all the other visual-kei bands, they have their own style. They experiment with all kind of sound to make a song that can make us confident and touch our hearts. The lyrics are great! It has a sense of hope.

I love this band because Shou has a beautiful voice, they all are very talented, the lyrics are meaningful, and they are all hot! - hxanime

Alice Nine are a truly truly amazing band! They are so talented and their songs have so much emotion and passion in it! They are so wonderful and they are such lovely people who are always making their Number Sixes happy!

No band can compare to Alice Nine. Their music and lyrics are so inspiring. The members themselves are so amazing and I literally don't know how I would live without them. They saved my life and I own them the world.

*tsk* this should be #1, I mean they have a better voice and music than Asian kung-fu generation.

Alice Nine are one of the visual Kei that change my eyes of jrock songs. They have lot of great lyrics which is the main reason why I've become A9 fan. Besides the meaningful and beautiful lyrics, this band also I can said the one of the visual Kei band that have a good looking members. Yes, all of them are so good looking. Try listen to all their song, you will love it. Trust me.

The best band ever, the band who shows that they keep growing with every new single they release, keep this big guys! I'm proud of you all!