BUCK TICK is the best band in JAPAN.
I love to listen every song of them.
BUCK TICK is my life

Buck-Tick has a very unique sound, which makes them so lovable (in my mind) plus they did the opening for Trinity Blood. - ToPh

Vocals, composition, lyrics, nothing beats their sound and their message. Honestly, some of these bands in the top 10 are only there because there are fans who vote for them only because they're "so hawt".

Ignore all of that and find the real quality bands. Hint: BUCK-TICK is one of them.

BUCK TICK is by far my favourite j-rock band. Anyone who voted differently simply hasn't heard them. Don't get me wrong, the bands on the top aren't horrible but they've made a few "mistake" songs that are dreadful. The best example for Number 1 (and I do love Gazette) would be Filth in Beauty. Find something that cruddy on one of BUCK TICK's albums!

Buck Tick has one of the most distinguishable sound in J-rock that makes it almost impossible to confuse them with any other band. They're also one of the few bands that are strongly passionate about music - and the fact that they have survived for more then 20 years with the same lineup, all the while giving the finger to any production company that tries to tell them what to do, tells something about them.

I have listened to their whole discography (and it took a really long time. What a prolific catalog) and I loved pretty much every song. If I had to choose a favorite band ever, it would be a tight race between Buck-tick and X.

Buck-Tick has traverse all music genres and they are still making fantastic songs and music. They have been there and done that ( over). To have lasted more than 20years and still active is a Miracle! Buck-Tick Forever!

BUCK-TICK is my favorite band. They are awesome and unique. Sakurai-san has an amazing voice, the best of all. And my favorite member of the band is Yuuta-san and Yagami-san, I love them... They are always smiling and they are very funny and talented. I hope someday I can go to a concert and see them. Because I haven't had a chance to go to Japan yet. But I hope that they know that they have a lot of fan in latin America.

Buck-Tick is my very favourite band and I'll always vote for them. They make music in almost all genres and I like their sound very much because of their unique style.

BUCK-TICK's range of styles is a mark of their longevity. They've adapted and explored new ideas and forms since their onset. The lead singer and lyricists, Sakurai, has a deeper vocal range and more haunting quality than is heard in most other bands.

Buck-Tick "created" the Visual Kei, along with some other bands, and then no one realise this and give them the credit that they, at least, deserve. Buck-Tick is the best band in Japan

I'm a fan of the few BUCK-TICK in Brazil, I love a lot.
I have the complete discography on my phone and I can not stand one minute without giving a listen

One of the longest-standing and still active popular rock bands, always reinventing theirselves, delivering constant quality.

This band plays very individual music and the sound is professional. Sakurai's voice is very unique, nice, pure and strong. I think he has a place among the greatest vocalists in the world - but the music of but is very depressive, so I can't hear them too long and too often.

No one can beat the atmosphere that Buck Tick flows into the music, the surroundings, their personality in their songs and their influence in the Japanese music.

To live and make great music for like 25 years that means Great musicians. If you have imagination, good lyrics, good sound, good performance and whatever good that is. You're the nr 1 band. It's been 4 long years since I listen to them. Another thousands here they go

This must be first! It's the father of all bands that are above! (except X Japan which is from the same years) and they are unique in sound...

Place #51 won't do for this band, it's unacceptable! We're talking about the very founders of visual kei and fanservice, come on! Buck-Tick is the core meaning of mindblowing rocking coolness and they're been actively doing what they do best for 25 years! If you'd ask kyo from dir en grey how he got inspired to be a singer he'd say Sakurai Atsushi inspired him! It's the same with so many other younger rock acts. Buck-tick has proven to be versatile and always producing quality in studio and live!

Always fresh, always inspiring. Their music makes me want to wake up everyday.

Buck-Tick is a band whose sound/genre is constantly evolving; their compositions are deceptively "simple, " their lyrics are memorable, and they are even better live than in studio.
Basically, they are a highly talented and quality band!

They are on the same level with The GazettE for me. I love them so much and I think that they're too undervalued in the Jrock world. But maybe that's a good thing as well, as they can continue doing beautiful music They deserve more love!

A really good band with beautiful music and a really beautiful voice. Very melodic and emotional. They deserve to be heard more by more people. Too bad that this is not happening.

Buck-Tick's music is so unique and beautiful, up-beat rock but dark at the same time, Sakurai's voice is also so incredibly sexy and deep and I can't compare it to any other J-rock group. Their also not afraid to change up their style, listen to Zangai, Dress, Mona Lisa, My baby Japanese & Romance and you can see for yourself how unique their sound is. Buck-Tick is the most incredible band ever and I find my self loving every song.

Buck-tick is my a favourite Japanese rock band! They are amazing and original and beautiful music! I love buck-tick

I am as old as this band, been listening to their songs since I was a tod. Love em so much.