DELUHI IS THE BEST JROCK BAND I EVER SEEN. no offence, I think they are much better than gazette and dir en grey. I love them too, but deluhi is too awesome! ROSH!

I love them, Everything about them. Their skill and sound quality is perfection. His voice makes my heart sing, while the double-bass drum beats and hardcore breakdowns make me melt. I'm nothing but a fan-girl for Deluhi

. They are greatest metal, rock or whatever band for me
. I hope DELUHI will come beck soon
. Their songs likes Departure, Frontier, Flow Snow, Two Hurt, Revolver Blast, the Farthest, Orion Once Again... All of the songs can give me a spirit to my life

I just discovered this band and they are great! - Jrock-LOVE

DELUHI is the best VK band ever. Amazing. Really love it. Although they have disbanded already, but, their music and songs will always remain in me. We miss you so much. Farewell and see you again. &~

It's just rather sad that they disbanded and ruined their songs before they left. Yggdalive is one of their best releases in my opinion, and the Two Hurt fools mate edition single <3 We miss you, please come back!

DELUHI is the best I've ever seen. Extreme great vocals~ godly guitarist~ ^^ the feeling of the band and their song is the best of all. I doubt other bands, because they are long and old to be known

Deluhi are amazing! The first song I heard was hybrid truth and I instantly fell in love with them! My personal favourites:
1. Revolver blast
2. Hybrid truth
3. Two hurt
But all of deluhi's songs are awesome

Juri (dark voice), leda (demon guitarist), aggy (haunted bassist),
Sujk (expert drummer)
The best band I've ever seen, very amazing band
Listen their song n you will know