D'erspairs Ray


Hizumi's voice beats any of these other band's feminine sissy voices. He can hit the high notes, but at the same time, not sound like a total chick as some Japanese vocalists do. He also adds growling and screaming. The rest of the band plays the songs so melodically and so beautifully, yet unique in their own way that I really feel that they are the best rock band ever. Their songs are well put together, not just straight-up noise or nails-on-chalkboard singing.

Worlds best J-rock band not only they sing about the despair in this world but the hope that we have and will never let go their lyrics touch many people hearts and change them like it did me but not only that they do not have a specific kind of music they sing to they are all over the place like play Punk, Metal, Rock, Gothic Rock, Pop, Electronic and more so that's why I think their the best band then again its all on opinion and no one can disagree with that

THE Best Band Ever! Their lyrics are so good. Hizumi singing is like a GOD! When you hear it you just feel great.

When you see them its like you have just went to J-Rock Heaven!

They are the greatest Japanese rock band I've ever heard. From their very early songs to their newest, they show an extraordinary array of talent. Although I myself prefer their older songs, their new ones are just as good. They produce songs that make you just want to bang your head and/or dance around.. Their songs are just so good. Their songs will give you goosebumps and make you cry tears of awesomeness and sometimes sadness (read the translation to 'Yami ni Furu Kiskei') or perhaps even laugh due to the perverseness demonstrated in their lyrics (see the bridge near the end of 'In Vain'). Their songs can also take you to another world. I recommend everyone listen to their albums Coll:Set, Mirror & BORN (EP? ) - you won't be sorry!

Sadly, they have disbanded due to problems with Hizumi's throat but I will wait for their return.

I love them very much! Their music is perfect. It helps me to find the mean of my life. Their concert in St-Petersburg in last year was the best of all which I visited! I listen their songs every day. It is really amazing band. I hope? that they come back as soon as it possible!

One of the best bands... too bad they had to disband but their music lives on..

I don't know how but whenever I feel down this band manages to pull me back up...

Umm they're just perfect for me & have always been. Their music guides me to a heavenly place & brings out positive emotions locked deep inside. Just like every individual person has said before me, Karyu, ZERO, Tsukasa, & Hizumi, all of them, have made our lives so much better. They've given us tools to help us push through life's obstacles: their hearts in the form of music. I thank God everyday that I was granted the opportunity to discover them... Like no joke, I really do. & their comeback is always in my prayers.

Glad I came across this. Got to share just a glimpse (could say more, but I gotta go to bed yo) of how special they are to their fans. & them winning this doesn't matter much to me, because a MANIA is a happy MANIA regardless of how popular D'espairsRay is.

These guys should be a bit higher, great songs, and they kick ass.

First Japanese band I've ever listened to.. Their music is just awesome and I love them. Went to see them live one time and I'm really sad that I couldn't get to see them more than once because the sadly borke up just the year after :/ Hizumi's voice is just damn great and I'll be a big fan and support them till the end of my life (well, I suppose)
I hope Hizumi will get well soon and they will come back together one day. It made me cry the day I heard that they broke up :/
Thank you for 12 awesome years with wonderful music!

I love D'espairsRay n really miss them..

They are just the best. And this is everything that I can say. Words don't need here.
They'll return. I believe. We all should wait them. And love them. And pray for them.

It is one of those band's, who's music will never bored!
Hope they'll return back one day.

Unique, talented and fierce.

D'espairsRay possessed all three.
It took them some time to find their sound, but with the release of Coll:set and then MIRROR they gave the Japanese VK scene something to talk about. They achieved success again with REDEEMER and MONSTERS. It's a shame Hizumi's voice had to suffer, if there is one band I want to come back more than ever it is D'espairsRay.
They have FAR more going for them than The GazettE and Versailles.

Hizumi's voice is charming - I don't know how he do that, but he sings ballads and scraming parts very very good. When I hear he, I am sad, happy, angry, I wanna cry, I wanna scream... D'espairsRay are emotnions. Their music wakes up emotion in you. Your dark and white side.
D'esparisRay, thank You for all great song. I amo so sad that I couldn't go on your concert.

I just rewatched their last live concert (human-clad monsters)
And I cried again at the ending Wishing I was there... To relive these feelings I've hidden after they'd disbanded!
Hizumi is/was such a good songwriter! To see how happy they were on stage! Karyu and Zero playing guitar and Bass like gods! Hizumi screaming his heart out with so much intense emotions! And then of course Tsukasa maniacally playing the drums > which enpowered their whole performance!

Though they all have different lives now (zero/tsukasa in the micro head 4n's, karyu in Angelo and hizumi being a producer (which made me really happy to hear > at least he's still writing awesome lyrics)!
I would sincerely hope that they'd come back one day!