I fell in love with their music the first time I heard it. They're so cool! They produce classical rock that is really fun to listen to and sing (I can sing a few of their songs, including GO! And Remember. ) Singing their songs can help pass time easily. They're a great Japanese rock band, and very popular too. You gotta love 'em!

They aren't my favorite Japanese rock band, but they deserve to be known for more than just their anime songs. That's how I discovered them, but I dug deeper and bought half of their studio albums, and that was only because the other half weren't conveniently available to Americans. The point is, music is music, and FLOW does music well.

Their music is really flowing. A mix of pop-rock and some beat is making me crazy. Their song is easy listening and full of spirit. Their singles like Colors, Calling, or Sign are really worth listening

They are great! The piano version of their song Sign is one of the only songs that can push me to tears, especially the version showing the story of Itachi from Naruto.

My friends were so eager to show me this anime called Code Geass, and were just so excited. The song COLORS by Flow actually became our theme song just because of it.

Because All song is very cool and the play a nice music plus they are very funny I love this band very much I wish you keep make a good and nice music

I'm surprised this isn't higher, these guys are awesome... I love nearly all of their songs. I first really got into them after the Code Geass opening...

The music produced by FLOW "flows" deep into your soul. The deep lyrics resound within you that you would never be bored of them. Some of their songs were used as theme songs for popular animes like "Colors" and "World End" for CODE GEASS: LELOUCH OF THE REBELLION and "Answer" for TANTEI GAKUEN Q.

Flow is one of the best bands for me. Not just because they always sing for Naruto, but because they always have a story to go with the song...

Hope to see them personally, even I don't understand what they are singing still I make sure I will read its translation. More power

I've seen them perform right in front of my eyes during AFA 2011. Damn! They're so good, even my friend who's a little "manang" was jumping so hard specially when they played our favorite song "Sign" (one of Naruto Shippuden OST) We are awed... Really! I love them!

The band that got me into Japanese music in general. Listen to DAYS; wonderful song. - BeeBlue

Flow is my 2nd favorite band. 3 favorite songs of mine are "Go, Remember, Sign."

Flow has great sound combinations, crazy funny and catchy styles that rock people's souls non stop. I can listen to their songs for a frw weeks straight and not get tired of them. FLOW for the win! They even called my shirt cool! ( I wore a flow shirt )

FLOW is rock. A lot of the bands listed here are metal which is it's own respective genre.

They sang my fave code geass songs! So I think they are one of the mest japanese rock bands out there. They're cool and they make great blendings in their songs! It's as if you could listen to them again and again!

They create many good songs...

Good job FLOW!

They make the most amazing music ever, even if you don't under stand what they are saying the beat and "FLOW" of the music is more than enough to keep you huming the theme to the song for hours.

Flow always come up with new, creative ideas. They're innovative, and their vocalists are fantastic. LOVE THEM.

Love their music! Any song or anime theme they make is amazing (to me, at least)!

They really rock!
Their singles like Sign, Calling, Word of the voice, Colors, Days, World end and many more!
One of the greatest rock band in Japan!

I like Flow's music even better than any of the artists from my own country!

You will not regret to listen to their songs!...
They are so amazing... They have amazing vocals and instruments
Thumbs up for Flow!

Flow are awesome, they are my favorite band

Love their sound, just wish their music had better availability