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X Japan is a Japanese heavy metal band from Chiba, formed in 1982 by drummer Yoshiki and lead vocalist Toshi.


X Japan, unquestionably is the best jrock band & the best power metal band in d world! It's the legend. The starting point of visual kei in Japan. Their songs are very deep with mostly run more than 6 mins, indeed wht songs should be..
If you still doubting X Japan, go check Art of Life, a freakin 30 mins song, beat all songs ever exist. Very intense in all aspects: drums, piano, guitars, bass, violins, vocals & more orchestra instruments.
They do live for this song.. and can you imagine Yoshiki played drums for this freakin 30 mins song intensely (and plus the piano)? Any other drummers could do this?
X Japan's/ Yoshiki's music is not just a music.. it's again... a god's work... - jigokugal

I've discovered X Japan when Roger Taylor (the legendary member of Queen - the band I've been a fan of since childhood) recorded a song with Yoshiki. I decided to listen to them, bought some X Japan records and was blown away! I'm from Russia, barely knew English at that time, not to mention Japanese, so I didn't understand a word they sang, but the strength of emotion and musical expression was so powerful, it impressed me deeply. I've become a fan. They changed my life forever! It was many years ago, I'm still a huge fan, except now I know all the lyrics. I've tried to listen to many Japanese bands since then, many of them are great, but X Japan are definitely the best.

Well, what can I say? I LOVE X Japan. MILLIONS AND MILLIONS KNOW THEM SO WELL. I admit, there are a lot of great Japanese bands out there. I don't deny that Gazette is bad, either. But ya' gotta admit this; did they exist back in the 90's and remained popular till now? No, rite? X Japan is the father of Jrock, and YOU HAVE TO FACE IT. They did a lot for their fans out there, especially Yoshiki. He broke his neck to play for his fans; for us X. He rather play all day than just wait in the hospital or his house. X was and always will be the best.


I like X Japan a lot. I would like to see them in concert if they ever come around my area. Or I would travel if needed. I have all of their albums and I like them all. There isn't really a song by them I don't like. I am a fan of bass and Taiji Sawada is an excellent bassist. A great band all around the drums are crazy and fast and the guitars solos are awesome as well. The piano and strings are also great additions making their style very unique.

X Japan changed my entire life. I had been through some enormously hard stuff. I was slowly getting on my feet but X gave me the light and hope I needed again. Their songs are real, I love them more than anything. So much I even got a tattoo in honour of them. There is no other band who deserves this more than X does. They survived, they came back stronger as ever and their music saves lives. We Are X Now and Forever

I listen to X Japan for 6 months now (compared to others here it's nothing but still something) but they definitely are one of my favourite bands. Unfortunately I was born after they stoped playing together and more unfortunate is that hide died before I was even a year old... But I still think, he is the most amazing guitarist that I've ever heard and one day I will be able to play all the songs that he could play. I could swear that I listen to their songs at least five hours daily... (sometimes even during class :D) I just hope that they will play again soon in a reachable distance. X Japan forever, we are X!

I honestly love x Japan, their music really gets to me. Without x I would still be the dark place I was in. Then I listened to art of life, the song really caught me, I continued looking for more of their songs, then I found kurenai. When I found out they disbanded before I was born I was like what? But now they're back but without hide, but still x Japan will still be the best rock group out there for me, everyone have their own opinions.

X Japan initiated the entire movement. So come on, how can any band since honestly be counted as 'the best'? The majority of these bands either wouldn't exist, or would be significantly different without X. And musically... They're simply on another level. There's no contest, and in saying that I absolutely adore other bands on this list. But regardless of that, it has to be X.

XJapan's music is inspirational, it can move and touch souls, the members are incredibly humble and good persons, most of japanese (and all around the world) rockers want to be like them because they admire them, no doubt this is the best japanese rock band not only because of the incredibly amazing music, but the positive influence of its members.

If it hadn't been for X Japan, my life would not be what it is today. I would have done something very different with my time and I might not have gotten to do the things I've done. I've been able to see them twice now and I cherish every moment of every day I'm able to listen to them or see them or talk to people about them. They are truly life-changing, and rightly so.

X Japan are the CREATORS of Visual Kei. Their music is so dynamic and complete, they go from power, to symphonic, to industrial, etc. They're so big that even though they were disbanded for 10 years, their music instead of fading away, it just got stronger and not only they kept their original fanbase but created a whole new one.

X Japan, is actually the reason why we listen to Japanese Rock. Even if you don't like them, is TRUE!. They are even the reason why this survey exists.

So! want some more proofs? they got like 40 years and they can still can make world tours with SOLD OUTs.

They're pretty good, the best I should say. They probably deserve the spot and the crown too. They got the best drummer of the world, a godspeed drummer I should say, mouth has no chance to compete with the drums, best guitarists, singer, their next step-no. 1 metal band of the world

I vote for X Japan, but I think they are the best, but for me they are a legend. great awesome legend! bands which play nowadays? I think dir en grey (rock/metal... ) also Gazette are good, Gackuto, Laruku, Back tick, Versailles, SuG they are all awesome! jrock4ever

They've shown me what is a rock band. They do not have many albums and songs, but with the "few" songs, it's enough to show you what a rock band should be, and can be. I'm still dreaming of going to their concert. When they disbanded, I was so disappointed. But now they are back, and touring the world! Hope they will come to Malaysia!

The first time I've listened to their music was when I was 3 years old so basically about 12 years ago. The first songs I've listened to was Endless rain and Art of life. The band is simply amazing. Toshi's vocals are amazing in fact it is one of the best, but there is one person no vocalist can beat, which is Freddie Mercury. - Brian6042

It is clear the influence that X Japan have had throughout the Japanese rock industry. However they still manage to set them selves apart form all the other Japanese rock bands, with clear melodies and lyrics which are almost haunting (especially with their ballads). Also unlike other Japaneses rock bands who find a style and stick to it X Japan are constantly evolving in their music, a trait which could be seen even before their initial break up in 1997.

X Japan is the most successful rock bands in Japanese music history, having sold over 30 million albums that no one could do and now they become the world famous rock band. There are X- Freaks all over the world waiting for their concerts. I'm sure their next world tour would be the huge success legendary.

Though I love GazettE, I think without X Japan GazettE wouldn't be who they are. It's hard to pick just one of these bands on this list, they all are great in their own right but I think most of them wouldn't be here without X Japan.

Very great! They are basically the best band in the world! They touch people's hearts and do something that most other bands or singers don't do anymore; they sing from where they are supposed to sing from. They sing from passion and spirit and soul.

Their performance at Last Live is still one of the best live shows I've ever seen, and I've been to over a hundred concerts. The showmanship, composition and talent is unparalleled in rock music. HIDE was one of the best guitarists to ever have lived, and it's a shame that he passed before his time.

No one even comes close to the emotion and power of X Japan. Their fans just don't listen to the music, they live it, feel it and love it. There is no more talented musician alive in the WORLD than Yoshiki and in combination with ToshI, Pata, Heath and Sugizo they're simply the best. WE ARE X all the way!

30 years have passed since they were on stage for the first time. I'm an X Japan fan since I'm 12 years old (10 years ago) and will be till the end of my days. X Japan is pure art and even people who are not into Japanese culture can recognize it. There's nothing before X Japan, nothing.

The first X Japan's song that I heard is Without You, it's very beautiful and calm yet sad.. I really like this since the first time I heard it till now, I want to thanks YOSHIKI for composed this song, and thanks HIDE SAMA for give this beautiful piece of music to the world

Because the x-japan is a legend, a living legend of Japanese rock. I like them. The all X-japan music is heart to heart. I felt the all word in my heart. They was awesome, and nothing better now. Just a legend, because the x-japan music is living here, now.