When I was in a dark place in my life I was listening to most of the top bands on this list but none of them really brought me to see a hopeful light. LM. C was beautiful serendipity moment for me. Not only did they bring me out of my dark place but they showed me a world FILLED with color. Another one of the greatest things about this band is that no song sounds a like and they TOTALLY keep you guessing and they have never let me down. I'm a very blessed fan to have such an amazing band in my life.
Thank You LM. C for everything and I hope to see you in California, USA again soon

Squealing fangirls aside, LM. C are serious musicians who do their job well. their music is made of catchy tunes, and great lyrics and everything they do is always more under the surface. From album covers to the tinest sound in the background of a song, everything has a purpose and a meaning. LM. C's highly polished, high quality sound, their awesome and energetic live performances, and an incredible relationship with their fans make this duo one of the best.

I just love the song when I first listened to 88. Then I went to check all of their songs. I LOVE THEM ALL. Not even one I do not like it. Plus! Maya, that dork! He's so childish but funny! And then there's Aiji 33, he and Maya is just too adorable together! Especially their NEW song! The LOVE SONG Gosh! People should just go and listen to them!

Because of their dedication, the fun atmosphere their music creates, how friendly, kind and passionate their fans are. Without many of these people, I wouldn't have a reason to even try to be a better person. So thanks to LM. C and their fans, I've become a better person.

This band has songs that can help people relate. Listening too their music although I don't speak Japanese helps me understand and I feel like that when I listen to their music that they understand me better than music of which the lyrics I do understand.

It's the first (and so far only) band which basically didn't make any song that I wouldn't like, and most of them I just love. They're so full of positive energy and original in the music they're make; never fail to improve my mood

Is the best band ever! The music are cute and beauty, the band are charismatic, and the energy is wonderful! When I listen my heart beat fast and I feel happy... Punky Heart is THE song The best of the best!

Is the best band ever! Maya and Aiji are really awesome The Maya's voice and the Aiji'riffs are the best combination ever. I love Oh my juliet! And Game of life 'cause the powerful energy that they have

Because they are good reason to live! They help me trough the hard times and makes me happy every single time when I'm listening their music or watch the comments, interviews etc. Love them. Both of them.

Memorable tunes and amazing lyrics, what more do you need? How about the members trying to connect to their fans whenever they can! They are sweet and fun and deserve a little recognition for that!

They are the best ever! Just because of LM. C I got to know so many wonderful and exciting people and they simply rock every live show, you just have to dance Wonderholics rule the world

LM. C has totally inspired me to do my best and live my life to the fullest. My first song was Boys and Girls and my favorite is Super Duper Galaxy! ROCK ROCK THE LM. C!

Lm. C ForEver!... The best Japanese band... I love Maya san! Aiji san! & Lm. C please bring us more fantastic songs, spread the happiness, nyan xP

LM. C are wonderful with their music and with their fans. The relationship between the band and the fans is so amazing and close! The band reads all the fan mail, they respond to tweets, they talk to the fans they see on the street. Maya even recognizes some fanclub members by sight when he is walking around town. When they couldn't continue their tour after the earthquake they setup a joint listening party, a simulated concert for the fans. They have also included the fans voices in a song, Hoshi no Arika. And theyy have a love song written to thank their fans. This is a rare relationship to see between fans and idols and LM. C do their best to improve and maintain it.

They are so awesome and wonderful! They make me happy when skies are grey! They'll never know,, how much I love them! But please make my sunshine #1 Okay?

The miracle of born at the same era and looking up to the same sky. Just this sentence have to make you love the band. They are so heartwarmingly perfect and their lyrics are so deep. It's just a wonderful, wonderful band!

I think LM. C should win! 'Cause is a wonderful band! And they deserve it 'cause they always count all of their fans in the entire world!

LM. C Is the best! I love all of their songs, I'll always support and love them! Let's all work hard to make them number one! May the LM. C be with you!

In my opinion LM. C is one of the best artist ever. They really make awesome music and love their fans so much. They make so much for us, fans. Like the BKKGGS they made for the fans. Or the videos they make now on their tour They are so lovely and I really love their music. They LOVE their fans so much, you can see that in every song, specially The LOVE Song. LM. C is LOVE~

LM. C has the best music and maya & aiji are the cutest! Every time I listen to their song I get that refreshing and happiness. I really have to thank LM. C for making my every day a pleasure. Every song is so special to me and I love them all, I love LM. C, forever number 1

I love them because they make me happy and that is, in my opinion, what counts; what makes them great, and what makes them a band that is worth being best Japanese rock band - and I found many friends because of them - we are all family, together with Maya and Aiji!

They are always a suprise! Their music is always fun and always keeps you guessing as to whats next. Their look is always changing also and they have so much fun with it! It makes me happy to see them enjoy their work so completely!

LM. C has never ceased to amaze me with their awesome songs and style! They should be #1! Maya's voice is so addictive and Aiji has MAD guitar skills! Love their personality and would absolutely love to get to know these guys on a personal friendship level!

I absolutely adore LM. C I've never heard a bad song by them & I mean Maya's so unbelievably amazing that you can't help but love them.

LM.C! one of my favorite songs are 88 and SUPER DUPER GALAXY, your album WONDERFUL WONDERHOLIC, and all your singles rocks!