Luna Sea


What the...? Luna sea is the best! You know, luna sea can make it genre, like mix the punk rock with blues, or rock with pop. Luna sea should be in the first because it is the grandfather for visual kei genre. Luna sea I think is the visual kei blue print. Listen another band, and then listen the luna sea, another framework song are adapted from luna sea! This list is stupid enough!

They do deserve more credit for this band was what Elvis Presley was to the Rock genre. The great pioneer and forefather of Visual Kei and Japanese rock as a whole. Yet, this list is kinds faulted in the sense that it says best. Not "most influential" nor "most popular" or even "most influential now", which are much more easily agreed upon. Also, I enjoy listening to other artists more, such as Versailles and the GazettE.

That was test to see how triggered the fans can get. But seriously, these fans... I haven't seen such pretentiousness in a J rock fanbase before. I don't know why, either. Most grown adults who like classic bands like Led Zepplin and Aerosmith don't on the people who like other bands who draw inspiration... Oh, wait a second. Adults.

You're kidding right? Luna Sea was one of the pioneers of Japanese rock! How are they so far behind? While those bands are still really good, Luna Sea needs a higher position. Seriously, they're classics. That's like saying Beethoven's music isn't as good as Yiruma's. Get Luna Sea to top ten at least please! The bands above it are really new and didn't have as much of an impact on the industry as Luna Sea and in terms of best, a lasting influence should be included in that right? Stop being ridiculous and vote Luna Sea!

Gazette #1? Silly online fans. LUNA SEA and X-Japan (and DEAD END and BUCK TICK) are obviously the most influential out of these bands. Except popularity-wise it's LUNA SEA and X-Japan. Except in terms of how productive & creative they were, LUNA SEA definitely wins.

Legends of j-rock... And their musical diversity is amazing. Songs full of emotions. This band deserves to be in the top ten. If it was my list, they sure will be in the top 5. I'm sure they are the role models for many bands today.

Let us just say that gazette themselves admitted that they wished to start a rock career after witnessing the awesomeness of LUNA SEA live. Their true inspiration was LUNA SEA. I am not mad at peoples' ignorance, although, the fact that they don't know LUNA SEA is sad. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR REAL MUSICAL MINDS

What is exactly is the 'best' one? If it's only based on the one rock band that seems to have lots of vocal and ignorant fans on the net right now, it is the Gazette.

But in terms of vocal, musical quality and originality, Gazette is so far behind the true legends of Japanese rock bands like X-Japan, Luna Sea, L'Arc~en~Ciel and Dir en Grey. Those who vote for Gazette seriously has to listen to more music to be honest.

Luna Sea has everything; powerful, heartfelt vocal by Ryuichi (Ruki miss lots of notes live it's painful to hear), amazing guitar and violin skill by Sugizo, Shinya's unique drumming technique, J inspires a lot of people by his bass and Inoran's amazing composing skill (and Js & Sugizo's too) they have originality in their music, something that's really lacking in Gazette (whose a few songs sound like a mix of popular rock songs mashed in together into this one weird, incoherent song)

The most important thing is their songs has passion that inspires ...more

LUNA SEA is celebrating their 25th Anniversary and yet can still produce great music together. No other band can withstand the test of time and yet be great. To place them in #18 is blasphemy to us Slaves.

Should be in the top ten but Luna Sea is a bit old now so I imagine newer generations have not necessarily heard of them in the same respect of other big bands from the 90's.
Anyway, pretty unique music and quite timeless in my opinion. Most modern bands in the top were influenced by them and each musician left a big mark in the music industry.

I was surprised Luna Sea was not in Top 5 or so. Is it because it's no more? The music is amazing, touching, the lyrics are so inspiring and the vocal sounds like suited for opera :) Love them!

I love Luna Sea! They are amazing, Ryuichi�'s voice, Sugizo, Inoran, J, Shinya they combine their talents to create music versatile and full of personality, passionate and amazing. The monster rock band!

The fact that they actually make time to meet their fans personally earn my respect!

Seen them performed LIVE - they are professional. That's everyone of them in the BAND.

This should be in the top 10 list along with laruku, x Japan, Malice mizer and alice nine.

I love the vocals... The only rock band I listen..

I don't mind x, gazette, l'arc en ciel, and scandal being on the top 5 but LUNA SEA on 28 spot! Come on people' are you f#%#ing kidding me! This band should be at least in the top 4.. Enough said!

The gazettE is the BEst forever

My first Japanese (visual) rock band, love them, their talent, they are unique. Greetings from H. I hope I will listen LS in live in a day.

Luna Sea should be top 3, and #1 in my opinion. With the exception of L'Arc and X, the other bands in the top 10 show this list has no credibility.

Are you kiiddinng guys luna sea is the n°19 it must be somthing wrong luna sea is the best is better than the gazette :p and to wish you to listen to this song ( luna sea - until the day I die ) listen to this one