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221 176BIZ

They sound awesome, funny dressing in some of there videos. However just means they awesome to make something out of an anime look even awesome in real life. - Seanswim

222 Ridiot
223 Love Psychedelico

Nice sound. Reminds me a lot of American retro. I could listen to this group forever.

224 The Kiddie
225 Lycaon

I only learned about them today! I was watching UK band "Evile" on YouTube, and Lycaon was "suggested" Oh yeah! It's like I was watching the future; their songs are so tight... With attitude... Melody not sacrificed like many metal bands feel they must avoid-to be metal. I'm just late to the Lycaon party is all...!

They rock and the vocalists screamos are so awesome! Check out Plug Into The Socket! It's AWESOME!

226 Zuck

Zuck are a fairly new band! Maybe they aren't well-known
but they are good musicians! The sound is really good! I think that at least deserves to be on the list.
the band is former for : yuu (vocal) and Tsukasa (guitar)
Drummer Taiga and bassist Hayato left in 2011 in October.
even so Zuck will launch their first album in july
encourage to Zuck!

Zuck is a fantastic new band. They may be only two now, their work is also really great. Their music is able to make people feel so happy. That's why I love them. Please, listen to their more! Encourage them!

227 Kalafina

What the heck is Kalafina doing here? They're wonderful but they are not rock in ANY way!

Highest quality ever! That pitch is so perfect even at lives. Wakana for the win~

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228 Antic Cafe
229 Yura Yura Teikoku V 1 Comment
230 SaTaN
231 Heidi.

I love heidi. They have beautiful, catchy melodies, beautiful lyrics and lovely instrumentals. The members are also very kind and funny and really down to earth. My favourite visual kei band ever!

Yoshihiko's voice is so so unique and Kiri, Nao, and Kousuke are so pro at their instruments. (and Kiri's so attractive~)

232 111 BabyMetal

Wow...the Kami Band... - JapanLover

233 Linked Horizon
234 Unison Square Garden

They are great. who reads this: You gotta check this out

235 Kishida Kyoudan & The Akeboshi Rockets

The explosiveness and rhythm is outstanding. Also, ichigo is a great vocalist in my opinion.


236 Dadaroma V 1 Comment
237 Indigo la End

Amazing band, I love enon kawatani. they're amazing can't believe they're this low.

238 Fishmans

Really good, like 11/10 good. The music just makes you feel good.

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239 Bradio

These guys are amazing, very unique music -- I hope they get big.

240 Lion Heads
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