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241 Antic Cafe
242 Yura Yura Teikoku V 1 Comment
243 SaTaN
244 Heidi.

I love heidi. They have beautiful, catchy melodies, beautiful lyrics and lovely instrumentals. The members are also very kind and funny and really down to earth. My favourite visual kei band ever!

Yoshihiko's voice is so so unique and Kiri, Nao, and Kousuke are so pro at their instruments. (and Kiri's so attractive~)

245 Linked Horizon
246 Kishida Kyoudan & The Akeboshi Rockets

The explosiveness and rhythm is outstanding. Also, ichigo is a great vocalist in my opinion.


247 Dadaroma V 1 Comment
248 Indigo la End

Amazing band, I love enon kawatani. they're amazing can't believe they're this low.

249 Fishmans

Really good, like 11/10 good. The music just makes you feel good.

V 1 Comment
250 Boom Boom Satellites

I first heard their music in the end credits for Starship Troopers - Invasion movie. It is a track called Another Perfect Day from their album Embrace (2013) which is both thrilling and beautiful and remains my all time favourite BBS album. Every album is different in genre. So far I've heard them do modern jazz, break beat, drum n bass, rap, rock, experimental and even gospel!
One question; WHY am I the first one to add them to this distinguished list? They've been banging out superb music since 1998!

I like their song Another Perfect Day because it's got an interesting sound. I like how I've never heard a band sound like that and they're the first ones I've ever heard sound so cool.

251 Bradio

These guys are amazing, very unique music -- I hope they get big.

252 Lion Heads
253 Mephistopheles
254 globe
255 Aburadako
257 PINK PINK Alecia Beth Moore known professionally as P!NK, is an American singer, songwriter, dancer and actress.

Can we kill whoever included P! nk in this list?

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