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281 Merry

Criminally underrated. Wonderful musicians, and Gara is my favorite person in j-rock for the imagination and passion he brings to his lyrics and performances.


BUCK-TICK is absolute Visual legend, the fact that they're No.30 baffles me. New younger foreign fans all just like to focus on newer, neo-visual bands that are at the front of line like the GazettE or get into X because they're so internationally successful but they don't delve into the root of VKei. When X was first starting, rising and struggling, B-T was right there rising above the ranks with them. They didn't gain as much international recognition as X, but they are a fundamental part of Visual Kei. It's as common to hear that newer visual stars where influenced by B-T as it is to hear they're influenced by X, yet people don't take a clue and look them up. BUCK-TICK has evolved beautifully as a band, and the fact that their still going strong after all these years, with the same lineup at that, is definitely admirable. Sakurai has a voice like no other in the VKei scene, very Bowie-like and unique, the instruments blend so perfectly together always. There are songs that I don't ...more

Buck-Tick always amazes me with their ability to make songs that really reach the deepest core of humanity. When I just listen to these songs that are deceivingly simple but catchy, I just think to myself "These guys really GET IT! ". Sakura, Romance, Speed, Rendezvous etc. all are amazing songs that contemplate on the deeper meanings of life, and it's fragility. Their style is unique among all J-rock bands, not having to even mention the huge influence they've had in the evolvement of Visual-kei. Whenever I'm in a part of my life when things start to feel overwhelming I listen to their songs and everything falls back to it's real proportion. Their music helps me see what really are the important things in life.

Buck-Tick is awesome and they make beautiful music that I can listen to again and again. And they seem to rock live as well!


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283 Janne Da Arc

I just found this band and so far I love them! I love their mix between classical and rock in Gekkouka.

Best J-Rock ever!
One of the best guitarist in Japan!
Great vocalist with great voice too..
Their song are different.. - kawaii

Best Best Best J-rock ever!

WE ARE JANNE! - Nagashiwa

For me, the best band in the world. The timbre of vocall Yasu is unique and spetacular. The tecnique of You in the he's guitar is incrible! In little words, best formation musical in the world!

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284 GacktJob

This band has some of the only Japanese songs I ever liked.

Best shows.... It's all... - Ga-Gackt

GACKT YOU Chacha Junji Chirolyn = AMAZING! they perform live flawlessly always with the most enthusiasm, in my opinion anyone who turns down an oportunity to see GACKT Job live is crazy

GacktJob is a beautiful band and Gackt is amazing.

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285 Orange Range

orange range is a great band. they have great sound and flow and their song "orange range" which was the openener for the first season of bleach was probably one of if not the best songs ive ever heard.

I've liked Orange Range ever since I saw the first opening of Bleach. After that I began listening to their music and haven't found a song I didn't like. Although they where not around for the longest time, they have a large number of songs with inventive and revolutionary sounds. Orange Range is, in my opinion, is a pioneer of Japanese bands and will continue to be for years to come!

Orange Range is so cool, they got 3 vocalists with totally unique voices, and they're so unique and talented and funny.

Orange Range is my number 1 favorite band! I like Asterisk and Viva rock (those are the only orange range songs I know)!

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286 Shonen Knife

I am impressed that Shonen Knife is this high on this list. Not because they don't belong this high, no they belong even higher, they belong at number one, but because they weren't teen sensation and crap. Their music was art. Their art was beautiful.

Catchy melodies, beautiful vocal harmonies, good consistency through their discography (hard to find a really bad song) and rocking harder than ever live even after 30+ years. , my respect to this ladies, not only a great Japanese band but overall a great band. It's a shame they're so underrated

Finally, someone with a decent view on this subject. It pains me to see all these weaboos yelling how their favorite band is special.. Music is music. Looks come second, or even third.

If not for Shonen Knife there wouldn't be half the bands on this list.

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287 Back-On

I heard Chain when I watched Air Gear, and I immediately though, damn these guys are like the Jap Linkin park, but better. After that I found the rest of their music and was blown away by them. Awesome band, certainly the top played on my iPod

First J-rock band I ever listened. This practically made me get into anime. A Great start to something new. Chain will always be one of my favourite songs!

These are the guys who inspired me to listen to J-Rock. Like one of the other guys, "Chain" is still my favorite J-Rock song to this day.

Found them after watching Fairy Tail. Sick band. Strike Back is very catchy.

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The are simply amazing, and their sound is beautiful! - derek3men

just perfect. not heavy metal. not soft rock.

even I'm not japanese I liked their music.. so amazing!

The balance of the voices makes this band so powerful.

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d'erlanger is one of the best bands ever born in japan. the song "moon and the memories" is one of their rock anthems that every citizen of japan knows about. they reunited again in 2007 after disbanding in 1990 to achieve more success and rock again their beloved country. once again, one of the greatest bands of japan with b'z - ronluna

Cool punknoise ballad rock visual band touring in Taiwan but I'm getting annoyed by dead end, this one, zi:kill, gastunk, etc are UNDER APPRECIATED than new indie yr2000 bands - ronluna

very underrated band, why does everyone knows x and forgot this band? dir en grey even cited that d'erlanger is one of their idols - ronluna

The first band in the history of the j-rock, they are on the same level as X, they are still almost been formative for the direction of visual kei as X...
Why they are not among the top ten? That they had earned more than...

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290 BUG
292 Mr. Children

They are legendary! They have very good vocals as well as true talents for guitar playing. They are the type of band that every rock artist should look up to.

Love his voice and the lyrics are so clever and amazing. True artists.

A fantastic band that flawlessly combines music, lyric, and feeling into their songs.

All member of this band playing his song from the true heart, very like it!

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293 Charcoal Filter
294 BODY
295 8-BALL
296 Bump of Chicken

I like the stories in their songs. Lyrics-wise, their's are one of the best. The songs they make are somewhat anthemic. I hope to hear more songs from them.

Love their hidden track..
"baby, boku no kimochi baby...A... "
who do you thing that could be sing that part?

Among all the bands in this list I reckon Bump of Chicken shall be the best, no doubt. They write great stories in songs. Lyrics can't be better. Recommend the album "Orbital Period", best ever.

This band is cool, I mean, it's really cool, you should listem and give them a chance.

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297 Doping Panda
298 FIX
300 No Stars Innovation
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