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281 Nano Ripe
282 The Mass Missile

One of the best and most passionate bands I've ever heard, personally number 1

283 Nothing's Carved In Stone

Awesome band, true rock, Maybe sometimes soft, but their music will influence you for sure, MUST to listen to them.


Love their cheery and upbeat style! It is reminiscent of Green Day and Offspring. Nandemonedari is so catchy!

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285 Arashi

Arashi has two things, great voices and amazing performances in scenario.

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286 Jupiter

Instrumental and sound wise Jupiter is much more alive and wild than when they were in Versailles. The only thing that is keeping them from surpassing their pass height is acceptance. Somehow it always sounds like the instrument sound is trying to drowning out the vocal instead of harmonizing with it.

287 Stance Punk

Power of punk throughout this band that give American punk bands a run for their money. You can practically feel the energy in all their songs. another underrated awesome punk band

288 Tacica

Really awesome rock duo They sang Leo from Haikyuu's EST. Which the English version of it was very deep but if you look inside it, it really is touching.

289 Psychic Lover
290 BOWL
291 Merry

Criminally underrated. Wonderful musicians, and Gara is my favorite person in j-rock for the imagination and passion he brings to his lyrics and performances.

292 Puffy Amiyumi

One of my all time favorite is Puffy

293 BUG
295 Charcoal Filter
296 BODY
297 8-BALL
298 Doping Panda
299 FIX
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