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321 ViViD

A fairly new band that was formed in 2009.
But their music is incredible.
Some songs that I would suggest,
Fake, yume no michishirube, 69 11,
Across the border, precious.

ViViD rocks to the MAX!
They have a lot of talent in progressing with their new songs which gets better & better!
I am sure one day, when ViViD is well known, they will be in the top 5!

Vivid is one of the best out there might be right after gazette and alice nine! I would suggest "ear" if you want to listen and try out vivid!

After ViViD disbanded,i started listening to some old songs again.It is sad that they have disbanded.They are really talented musicians that are not like silly idols nowadays.Their ranking needs to go up!

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322 Onmyo-za
323 Corrupted
324 Zazen Boys

Stylistically, their music consists mostly of complex rhythmic songs reminiscent of math rock, as well as extended improvisational songs characterized through live performances.

325 54 Nude Honeys
326 Zard

Zard is the best, miss them

327 The Bawdies
328 Himeyuri
329 Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her
330 Pyg
331 Universe

Amazing sound and voice! One of best rock band in my humble opinion...
If you like rock that not hardcore, no scream, but little soft.. then I recommend this band! Ten thumb up from me...

332 JKN
333 Love
334 Hi-Fi CAMP
335 Blues Creation

A late 60s/early 70s blues-rock band, with quite a psych sound in parts, a bit like Black Sabbath. They had a couple of albums, but their most famous is Demon And Eleven Children. Very raw sounding, with minimum overdubs, but some dead heavy riffs in there.

336 Flower Travellin' Band
337 Church of Misery

Incredibly loud and brutal doom metal band, definitely influenced by a lot of 70s bands though so have quite a bluesy feel behind the noise. Their songs are about serial killers and mass-murderers. The first album I heard was Houses Of The Unholy and I immediately then purchased everything they'd ever done. I'm not sure if they'd be classified as j-rock though as they are on a European label (RiseAbove), but they are from Tokyo. They are the only band who's music genuinely makes the cables come out of the back of my speakers due to the noise. But it's good noise.

338 Fear From the Hate

The guys of Japanese Electronic Post-hardcore with their album 'Birthday of 12 Questions' being a great achievement and heavy breakdowns. - hitsuxx

They have a style similar to Fear and loathing in Las Vegas. The vocalist's voice is cool.

339 Her Name In Blood
340 Megamasso
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