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341 Vow Wow
342 The Mods
343 Hardcore
344 Kelun
345 Toon Factory

This band the best and very beautiful. Music very good.

V 1 Comment
346 Amber Bullet
347 Remming

They have a romantic music and songs. The soloist beautiful with a gentle voice. I adore their songs. They are the best!

348 Lulu

If you've ever seen them live you'll know that they basically blow every other band out of the water. Especially that vocalist, Taa.

349 Heartless

Though they also broke up, it is all the same possible to continue them to listen.

350 Kiyoharu V 1 Comment
351 Mind Blank
353 Guitar Wolf

Guitar Wolf is the coolest mofo that ever set foot on the planet earth. The best punk since the Ramones. The most raw and sincere rock and roll ever.

354 Jewel
355 Glam Grammar
356 Guitar Vader

Easily one of my favorite J-Rock bands. They have a very poppy sound, but they are still rock in my book. They had a song featured on the Sega Dreamcast game Jet Grind Radio

357 Nekodamashi
358 The Hiatus
359 Fuzzy Control
360 Ogre You Ass****

They're really, really good. I didn't know them back in 2010 when they toured in the US. I wish I knew! Hope they'll come again.

Nevermind the hilarious name. The band is seriously awesome. Japanese lyrics, some songs are quite poppy, but overall it's pretty powerful rock. Listen to "Kapo" and then try to get that groovy guitar riff outta your head! Unique vocals (Manabu Deto) is usually the fist thing noticed, though they're bloody impressive instrumentally as well.

Check out "Advantage" on youtube... Anything from the homely album or 100 nengo... You'll see what I mean.
I'd go to Japan just to see this band live.

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