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21 hide w/ Spread Beaver

Hide's solo projects were amazing, given that it wasn't like the work he did with X Japan but it had to be the most successful out of all the other members solo projects. His guitar playing is truly unique and even today people still remember him as a Legend

Hide (since he did not capitalize his name) was and always will be the best rocker for me. He was caring and amazing and his voice was just awesome. Hide, though gone now, will never, ever be forgotten because he is the best there is. He even had a museum built for him. Hide will always be in my heart, my thoughts and my music player.

Hide rocked! It's a shame he passed, talented musicians always seem to die young... I like hide because I've never heard guitar the way he played it and he was such a unique individual with his vocal style as well as his appearance. Pink Spider~

22 Malice Mizer Malice Mizer Malice Mizer was a Japanese visual kei rock band active from August 1992 to December 2001. Formed by guitarists Mana and Közi, the band's name stands for "malice and misery", extracted from "Nothing but a being of malice and misery." - their reply to the question "What is human?" Their earlier music more.

Malice Mizer in my opinion was/still is one of the most influential and stylish bands out there. Event though they had three different singers they managed to keep a stylish image that fit well with their music. One of the only j-rock bands out there to have music covering everything from almost opera-like vocals to pop and dark songs.

Malice mizer should be 2nd on the list after X Japan. Malice mizer made a big impact on visual...

Their music was beautiful and unique and their concept, imagery and performances were breathtaking. They were one of the most gorgeous and inspiring visual kei bands to have ever existed and after their hiatus they produced quite a few amazing artists and bands as well. THey are truly unforgettable.

The Best jrock group ever. No contest

Just underrated😦

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23 An Cafe An Cafe An Cafe, also known as Antic Cafe or Antikku Kafe, is a Japanese dance rock band consisting of Miku (vocals), Takuya (guitar), Yu-ki (keyboard), Teruki (drums) and Kanon (bass), that formed in 2003. Guitarist Buo left the band in 2007. more.

I love them so much they totally should be #1 everr!
I mean have you ever hear their songs? they're amazing no matter what!
vote vote vote vote fot AN CAFE!

I love them! An Cafe is my favorite band. I love Bou & Miku but I miss Bou so much. I hope that An Cafe will come back soon.

Awesomely catchy tunes with great musicianship all round (shout out to Kanon, who's a beast on bass), as well as some seriously talented songwriting ability.

They sound very interesting and they are young. And love the lyrics to very song that they do. I hope they succeed in life. BEST HOPE FOR YOU GUYS!

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24 Fear, and Loathing In Las Vegas

I didn't think techno and scream went together when I first heard them, but after forcing myself to listen to them for awhile I found that I love this band. My music taste has changed insanely since I started listening to this band. This is my favorite group and I can honestly say that I love very one of their songs. Do you know how rare it is to not dislike a single song that a group has made? Falilv rocks. Go check them out!

Everyone should lists to Just Awake be Fear, and Loathing in las Vegas its a great song

Very creative band. They just keep getting better and better after every song they make. Minami's unique screaming plus the autotune voice with great guitar riffs and synths makes the band very unique from tje others.. My favorite band of all time..

I hate screamo, but Falilv is my all time favorite band! They nailed down how to use electronics with heavy metal, and how to make screamo a lot less emo. Every single member feels important, not just a background guy. Every member has a distinct look and a distinct role, which I find very respectable. I haven't yet heard a song of theirs I dislike. These guys are very talented and only growing in popularity!

(In commercial format) "Fear, And Loathing In Las Vegas, taking the emo... out of screamo. - Briguyflyers

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25 Abingdon Boys School

Those who dose not have any idea of music can easily be educated in music if they listen to it carefully but if they don't understand this because of all the extreme things these guys are doing then you better stop listening to rock. Abingdon boys school combines both guitars which plays in the same scale and level at same beat but with different touches... Keyboard not only supporting guitars but giving new effects and bass IKUO my 3rd god is awesome at everything, and drums makes it perfectly clear that this band is awesome... And then vocals TAKANORI totally makes this band immortal to music

Thanks God, you have been giving this band to the world
Their play, combination guitar, bass, drum and keyboard with great synthesis
Plus Takanori's voice is so damn sexy!

Takanori is just the best. Guitarists and the rest are doing an amazing job, because every song has that "something", that makes you wanna listen to it for eternity. And you can sense all these emotions they've put into it. Sorry for any mistakes, because I'm not English

Every song of the band in amazing. Takanori's voice is unique.

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26 D=Out

Hey! D=Out should be up there shouldn't they? Their songs and PVs are really nice and interesting! Music Nippon, Zenshin zenrei Live, One, Sunrise. Listen to them and you'll know what I mean. Please vote for D=Out!

D=out is such a new band, mut they make good songs and Kouki's voice is awesome and other band member are very expert too

The best band, the best music! Really great tunes and arrangement always!

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27 Omnyouza

Impressive virtuosity! Sounds like heaven!
Matatabi is a great composer, and Kuroneko has a great voice and attitude.
The songs that they sing together are all great.
The last albums are great from beginning to the end.

very good technical band! I've kind of considered them japans iron maiden.

The greatest heavy metal band of Japan with elements of Japanese folk music (and some paint strokes of pop music) and mythology, mystery, epic ancient stories of ghosts, fairies, dragons and demons.
Two lead singers, a strong male voice and an ethereal female.
A band with only good albums since 1999.

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28 Screw

Screw is in my opinion one of the best jrock bands out there and they are quite underrated, they put a lot of effort into everything they do to please their fans and their music is awesome &

I don't know why but I always love their music. I really love how they compose songs. It always full of emotion. Also, I really really love their ballads! Their rock ballads are the best in my opinion. My favorite always be "Shirayuki to Mau".

They are simple the aggressive mix with beauty.. Screw is awesome! They are great musicians and always make a wild show! For me, Screw is the best band in japan! I hope more people can find Screw and enjoy their music!

Screw band best group

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29 Royz

Royz is way too talented to have been around since '09 and not even be in the top 10. Royz's "visual" is the most impressive "visual" in Visual Kei. They have the perfect balance between dark and sparkly and have done the more pop-rock sound AND some heavier work AND ballads. I was looking at legend acts when I first got into Visual Kei (X Japan, the Gazette, Alice Nine), but none of them held my attention or had such enjoyable sounds as Royz. And while, like 90% of Visual Kei bands are über-fun for no reason, nothing really compares to Royz. Like, I'm a K-Pop fan, and I've seen some ridiculously hilarious things with them (and heck, Black Veil Brides, whom I have been into for a long time) but Royz is even more over. Royz needs to at least be in top 10. This is an injustice, really.

Neo visual kei band I love all song of royz. Amazing band

Well I love Royz they are one of my favorite bands, Subaru is my favorite I love his voice. I can be so mad and upset and listen to his voice I'm calm and happy. I love these guys.

They are amazing!

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30 GacktJob

This band has some of the only Japanese songs I ever liked.

Best shows.... It's all... - Ga-Gackt

GACKT YOU Chacha Junji Chirolyn = AMAZING! they perform live flawlessly always with the most enthusiasm, in my opinion anyone who turns down an oportunity to see GACKT Job live is crazy

GacktJob is a beautiful band and Gackt is amazing.

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31 Mucc

This position is inappropriate to think a band like MUCC. MUCC is not just a band, but a project that has stood since they were kids. Miya, the leader has a great knowledge of music, a sad past but it does force, and always creates touching melodies, Tatsurou is the singer that makes me move and understand how much life is important, their lyrics are the proof. The energy of Satoshi, the" loyalty" of Yukke, their appearance so funny and original at the same time makes them a unique band in their genre, not classifiable as a visual kei genre. They like no other.. MUCC are not mere appearance, cool outfits and fanservice. MUCC are music.

MUCC are a band that can just do about everything. Any genre, they'll do an awesome job. From jazzy to electro, heavy rock stuff to poppy. They always play with a lot of emotion, and a lot of energy! Their bassist is just amazing.

MUCC is the best! Tatsuro's voice is simply amazing! MUCC is one of the best bands ever, their lyrics are great and MUCC members are the best, they are so cool, nice and kind really down to earth... I love them and they deserve to be on first places here!

Why is Mucc so amazing? They're truly one of the bands you can listen to any album and never be bored as they succeed in executing many many different genres of music and it never feels forced (This is more prominent in pre-Shangri La Mucc). They have albums that are full-on super crushing metal such as Zekuu, albums that are classic Visual Kei style reminiscent of Gauze by Dir en Grey such as Tsuutetsu and Homura Uta, and then albums like 6 and Gokusai that go from heavy songs that feel evil, to the most beautiful touching up-beat songs I've ever heard. Two songs to recommend: Soft-Mucc - Fuyuu; Heavy Mucc - Bōzenjishitsu.

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32 Mejibray

MEJIBRAY deserve better rank than 65 I think, their song is somehow beautiful

They have a unique sound and always surprises with their new singles and albums. The lyrics are always very beautiful and poetic and I love how they're able to suck you right into the world of Mejibray.

They are always becoming better in all new single or album released. The voice, the style. Everything on them is great.

Mia is beautiful

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33 Aqua Timez

A lot of Animes have their opening or ending songs singed by them.
They truly do have great tunes and the singer have an OUTSTANDING voice.

I love their songs. The lyrics are very interesting and Futoshi's voice is rather unique and stand out a lot. Though, they need to improve when it comes to singing live.

Great songs!.. I really love his voice.. The first time I heard they songs, that was actually different than other.. 'cause if we look from the meaning of lyric, it's so deep.. I really can't say anything to show how great they are...

Oow I love they's musics *.* my favorite is Alones

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34 Dio - Distraught Overlord

Although they disbanded they managed to combine dark lyrics and growling with melodious songs, and let's not forget about their costumes. I just love them, and they have been my favourite band for 6 years!

The Gazette is my all time favorite band, but I am so in love with DIO and had to vote for them. Mikaru is an amazing vocalist, as well as an amazing person. Even though this band broke up and he created a new band... He still said that DIO is his heart and soul. I love his voice, the music is great, it has a heavy, dark feel to it that is amazing. The band is so nice and truly loves their fans!

I am a Gazette fan, but Dio easily deserves to be #4.. They are the best dark rockers in Japan. God Forsaken. Buff said.

35 BabyMetal BabyMetal Babymetal is a Japanese metal idol band. Their line-up consists of Suzuka Nakamoto as "Su-metal", Yui Mizuno as "Yuimetal", and Moa Kikuchi as "Moametal".

Well, they are the best example to show, that a metal band can be cute and deadly at the same time. They are awesome! They play a very powerful metal, so if you enjoy power metal and like cute japanese girls, they will be your next favourite band!

Hail the Fox God! Most disruptive and polarizing metal act in 3 decades! Broke all the rules! Full entertainment package; singing, dancing, acting. Sometimes their live has full immersion theatrical aspects! They live to perform, totally opposite to "studio" bands! Backed by virtuoso musicians, producers, composers, best that Japan has to offer! Team BABYMETAL will rule the world!

They are going to be at the top someday...


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36 UnsraW

Have no idea why UnsraW is so low on the list! Great guitar, vox, bass, everything. When I first heard their song Beginning of Loop, I actually cried. Like tears were streaming down my face. It's such a beautiful song, one of the best I've heard in a while. If you haven't checked 'em out, give them a try! They mix screaming and singing, and always have unique guitar riffs in all of their songs. They seriously deserve to be higher up on the list!

UnsraW already are a legend. There's no other band that is so honest when it comes to the expression of emotions, the characterization of life itself and the dephts of mankind. Everyone of the musicians who made up this extraordinary band in the two eras of existance is a character how they are seldomly found nowadays. With their ideals, skills and look they created an all new genre within their scene. Everyone who missed UnsraW missed a unique phenomenon in Japanese music history.

Best Japan Metal Band ever, good rithm I can't stop moving my head!


I think this band you should be at no. 2 or 3 after Laruku because...
Teru voice and Hisashi solo and Other

Their longevity is more than a proof how great they are, really? Not at the top 10? They are holding the record for the largest concert in Japan for 12 years! And can still fill huge arena and domes after being formed in 15 years! I don't know what will qualify you as the best band if those feats is not enough

Glay is one of my own top 10 best japanese band. actually they are my second following X Japan.

Simply amazing... GLAY should be at the same rank with Laruku... at least in top 5..

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Hyde in L'arc en ciel have 'angelic' voice while Hyde in VAMPS have a 'demonic' voice

I really like HYDE in VAMPS because he's look so cool and very handsome

Hyde has created the NEW best group in Japan. He's taken everything that was awesome in L'arc and created a group that, I feel, is very accessible to an American audience, not to mention a global audience.
You can't say rock is dead when a band like this exists. Rock is not dead, it has moved to Japan.

Hyde voice will be amazing in any band.

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39 Galneryus

Amazing Japanese Metal band, with some of the most beautiful guitar playing I've heard.

best japanese noe classical metal band sept for versailles lol

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40 Beat Crusaders

Mad catchy songs! Every song has a different feel and very creative. Songs like Ghost, Let's Escape Tonight are awesome and can't be found anywhere else!

Beat crusaders is total ownage compared to the others. 'Hit in America' and 'Tonight' super sweet songs. Just can't beat the crusaders.

Why isn't this in the top 10! This dusnt make any sense

Really I don't get it...

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