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381 Catfist
382 Triggah
383 Arlequin

Make acquaintance with this band!

384 Lost Ash
385 Good 4 Nothing

One of the best Pop-punk bands to have ever lived! Damn, I think this list is fixed!

386 The Back Horn
387 Rhythmic Toy World V 1 Comment

They made history as the very first unknown Indie Band to be booked as a theme song for a major T.V. /Film series in Japan titled "SPEC" although they're all in New York

391 LIFriends
392 Danger Gang

Waka's Vocal is terrific. Her growls and are amazing. It sounded like Kyo (Dir End Grey) stuck inside a body of a female. Hiko is also a cool guitarist. Sadly, Rei and Thera left. You should check this all-girls band. It's worth it.

393 Hiroshima

Badass for the time they were together in the 80's/90's.

394 Silhouette from the Skylit

Seriously. Why aren't this guys on this list? They are so good.

395 Arashi

Arashi has two things, great voices and amazing performances in scenario.

V 1 Comment
396 Vodka Collins

Don't forget the band Vodka Collins, the album 'Tokyo New York' from 1973 is still being reissued frequently. They made the first Japanese language glam rock songs with 'automatic pilot' and 'sands of time' and made huge impact on rock scene in Japaneven though they only lasted a short time.

397 A Crowd Of Rebellion
398 NoisyCell

Last theatre is so cool! Great song and group!

399 I-RabBits V 1 Comment
400 The Bonez
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