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381 CodeRebirth
382 Nocturnal Bloodlust

They have a lovely heavy sound and never fail to suck you right into it and makes you wanna head bang and have a party with them! I always tend to think how awesome their lives must be, when listening to their music. To me they've a unique sound since I don't hear a lot of bands sound anything like them, nor will other bands ever be able to top them! The members are so talented and I am always looking forward for new songs!

My favourite band, I think they should be way closer to the top.

Nocturnal bloodlust is really cool. I love their music n style

Number 1, Best of the Best, NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST always!

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383 Dezert

Best band in the style homage kei!

384 Delacroix

The best nagoya kei band! :3

385 Lustknot
386 Catfist
387 Triggah
388 Arlequin

Make acquaintance with this band!

389 Lost Ash
390 Good 4 Nothing

One of the best Pop-punk bands to have ever lived! Damn, I think this list is fixed!

391 The Back Horn
392 Oldcodex aurgument sung the opening of god eater and I loved it was so inspirational especially in an anime where everyone was forced to fight and survive

The powerful voice of Ta_2 in combination with YORKE. 's lyrics is amazing.
The music gives me different emotions

I just really really love Tatsun's powerful voice and their lyrics and arrangements are just too good

Punk, Eletronic, Hardcore and some great artistic ballads! TOP 10 songs: 1- How Affection; 2- Optimistic negative thing; 3- Achromatic Habit; 4- Hidemind; 5- Lantana; 6- Dirt; 7- Backed Out; 8- Frame in Flame; 9-Catal Rhythm an 10- Seek your Turn. Awesome guitar arrangements, beautiful covers of the albums, made by the lyricist of the band and a amazingly produced sound. Worth listenning! Every song is GOOD, I just deleted 7 songs from the entire discography that has 60 songs more or less...

393 Rhythmic Toy World V 1 Comment

They made history as the very first unknown Indie Band to be booked as a theme song for a major T.V. /Film series in Japan titled "SPEC" although they're all in New York

397 LIFriends
398 Danger Gang

Waka's Vocal is terrific. Her growls and are amazing. It sounded like Kyo (Dir End Grey) stuck inside a body of a female. Hiko is also a cool guitarist. Sadly, Rei and Thera left. You should check this all-girls band. It's worth it.

399 Hiroshima

Badass for the time they were together in the 80's/90's.

400 Silhouette from the Skylit

Seriously. Why aren't this guys on this list? They are so good.

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