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401 Hiroshima

Badass for the time they were together in the 80's/90's.

402 Silhouette from the Skylit

Seriously. Why aren't this guys on this list? They are so good.

403 Vodka Collins

Don't forget the band Vodka Collins, the album 'Tokyo New York' from 1973 is still being reissued frequently. They made the first Japanese language glam rock songs with 'automatic pilot' and 'sands of time' and made huge impact on rock scene in Japaneven though they only lasted a short time.

404 A Crowd Of Rebellion
405 I-RabBits V 1 Comment
406 The Bonez
407 Sukekiyo
408 Shocking Lemon
409 Fancy Flower

I downloaded all their EP's and ALBUMs. It's really one of the best these days to try when it comes to GENRE of INDIE/ROCK.

410 The High-Lows
411 Bridear

Awesome all female metal band, worth a listen, check them out on YouTube and type in Bridear Light and click the first video

412 Launes
413 Penicillin

Seriously, how come they weren't in this list? Just listen to Hakuei's voice, it's so unique!

414 Cyntia V 1 Comment
415 Serpent Serpent Serpent is a Melodic Death Metal Band from Kobe, Japan. They formed in 1993 as Awaken and changed their name in 1994 to Serpent. They split up in 2000, but reformed in 2002 and are still active. more.
416 Thee 50's High Teens
417 Cloud
418 The Surf Coasters
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