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41 Rookiez Is Punk'd

They're quite new so not many recognise their talent in J-Rock industry. I personally like the song Complication from Durarara! Hopefully this band can go up higher in this list. I can't wait for new songs from them.

Yeah, In My World and Complication are my favourite songs by them. - FrozenHatingPokefan

These guys are really good. Because they're still pretty new compared to the bands that are higher up on the list, they're pretty down low here, but they're still some of the best. I fell in love with them when I heard "In My World". LIsten to their music. You won't be disappointed.

I thought this band would have been higher they're just too good! There's not one song of theirs that I don't like. I could listen to them forever. Hope they release some more songs and can get appreciated more!

In my opinion not many song, but the style is amazing.

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42 B'z B'z B'z is a Japanese rock duo, consisting of guitarist, composer and producer Takahiro "Tak" Matsumoto and vocalist and lyricist Koshi Inaba, known for their energetic hard-rock tracks and pop ballads.

Hey, you put B'z on number 34? Wake up!
They should be at least in top three. They are the first Jap band that had their name on Rock N Roll Hall of Fame.
Listen to the melodic side from Tak Matsumoto.

This is band is very awesome, just two members but high quality... With awesome guitar playing and very very good vocal... And as you know they are the first Japanese rock band at Rock and Roll Hall of Fame...

B'z should be more higher than this, a combination of Koshi Inaba's lyrics/great voice (Which was once quoted as being a treasure of Japan) & Tak Matsumoto's amazing guitar skills, makes them one of the greatest rock bands to come out of Japan & next year they will be celebrating their 25th anniversary as B'z!

Simply the Best All-Round Package!

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43 SID

Mao's voice is the best! I believe he really puts soul into his music. Also he's so hot :3 I LOVE THEM! I can tell Mao really cares for his band members, and when I was watching the concert on YouTube, they all seemed to be having fun making the music they were singing and playing. Which is important to me when doing stuff like that. You gotta love what you are doing to make it good. And they do that. They aren't just good they are epically awesome!

I like there music, it sounds great... Just follow what you see about SID, you'll love theme and there music, my heart... can't hide the emotion when I hear any song of SID! I love Mao's voice, so sweet like candy~ ^_^ Anyway, SID is the best Jrock Band in my life...

the best music ever! SID is my favorite band ever!
and Shinji is so handsomee

SID all the way. The best voice I have heard so far. I am in love with the beautiful voice and not to mention the epic music WOW.
Best band ever.

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44 Crossfaith

The most exciting metal band I've heard in I can't remember how long, every song leaves me with aching mosh muscles and a thirst for more. MORE I TELL YOU!

I'm disappointed that these guys are so far down in this list. They produce the most amazing music.

Are you kidding me? 159? These guys are the future!

They're amazing!

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46 Seikima II

Watch them on YouTube. Awesome showmanship! Who cares if they got inspired by kiss or not... Listen to "big time changes" for example.

Seikima are not inspired buy KISS. Although I agree with the rest of your statement. How the hell are they ranked at 38? X japan and Loudness have nothing on these guys.

The most badass band from Japan

47 Deluhi

even they already disbanded, I had to admit that DELUHI was a band with a great talented members. Juri's great scream and able to change for sudden soft voices. Leda guitar abilities, such a young, ambitious, and skillfully guitarist, he;ll be a legend. aggy modest bass, DELUHI won't be complete without him. And sujk, one of the coolest drummer I ever seen, the way he rotating his drumsticks was epic. bye2 DELUHI, please come again with another departure..

This is the best ever! What else can I say? The feel of their song and their live is the best. That make people a crybaby... Leda rocks! He is a great composer and a guitar player! They all are charming in person too.

They have talent, they need the top ten, they are good go to YouTube if you wanna watch videos of them put DELUHI...

. They are greatest metal, rock or whatever band for me
. I hope DELUHI will come beck soon
. Their songs likes Departure, Frontier, Flow Snow, Two Hurt, Revolver Blast, the Farthest, Orion Once Again... All of the songs can give me a spirit to my life

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48 Ling Tosite Sigure

A three person Japanese rock band that is utterly beautiful. Both singers have incredibly unique voices, and play their instruments wonderfully. The music that they write and preform is like poetry. And they combine many different rhythms, singing styles, and lyrics to create masterpieces. They are my absolute favorite. Listen if you want your heart broken.

This is my personal favorite band and I can totally see why some people dislike them. They are so incredible, though, because of the unique style of Math Rock and Prog they do. Not to mention they have two vocalists. Every member of the band is extremely and they are far too underrated. (TK's voice is not for everyone. )

Ling Tosite Sigure is a work of art. From their music composition to their song writing, they are perfect.

Amazing band, honestly, they know what music people like, awesome!

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49 Exist Trace

That is an epic all girl band. They are in my opinion up there with the GazettE and X-Japan because they have proven themselves.

Exist Trance is an amazing band! A lot of people forget that they're all girls when they get into the music. They are all really talented people and deserve to be higher!

They are by far one of the best bands I have ever heard, never mind possibly the best girlband I've ever come into contact with! They deserve to to at least in the top 10!

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50 Born

Born is really awesome, because they have a quality to their music that you don't find that often in visual kei bands. I really hope that the next time I am here they will be in the top 10's. They really deserve it.

I love BORN so much. As soon as I heard them they became my top favourite band. Ryoga's voice is beautiful & the music is amazing & fits together perfectly. They are all also really nice, funny & sweet guys. They deserve to be higher on the list & deserve every piece of fame & glory they get. Keep it up BORN. You're doing amazingly well.

They're totally awesome! Ryoga's vice is really nice! And their music is incredible!

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51 GReeeeN

They are great! Their songs are awesome! The lyrics are so touching!

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52 EVE

I really love their band (next to An Cafe)... They got good songs too

53 Radwimps

I just can't understand why Radwimps is not even in the list... Hyper Ventilation and Osyakasyama are the best songs ever to me. Noda Yojiro is one of the best genius sing-a-song writer in Japan. Vote for Radwimps

One of the most special groups for me, whose style is unique as well within Japan, as in the whole world. Each member is a master of his instrument, the lyrics are not stereotypical, and it is always interesting to hear their new releases.

Great band! Very talented musicians indeed! I love Me Me and She, Yuya, and Hikikomori Rolling! They really are one of the best out there! They are very underrated!

After I heard them in Kimi no na wa, I was addicted.

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54 Sadie

I HATE that Sadie is ranked 81. I'm not saying "Make them #1" but I personally believe that they are worth a lot more than this. Their lyrics express the pain and dangers of life, and turn it into something beautiful. I personally don't just like their sound. I like the emotion and the message I get from their music. If you catch the meaning and sync with it, you'll see that there is more to Sadie than just music and sad lyrics.

I hope that they will get better recognition than this, because they deserve it because they are true artist. They focus not just on making it sound good, they pull you into the song and give it much deeper meaning and purpose.

They are so incredibly skillful. Just because they aren't 'The GazettE' doesn't mean that they aren't just as amazing musicians. Each member makes this band even more perfect. Please vote, they deserve it.

Sadie is one of the best j-metal band ever and deserves far more attention than he actually gets.

One of the best jrock band ever. If someone who's getting into Japanese music for the first time asked me which band should he listen to, with no doubt I would say: SADIE!

55 The Brilliant Green

I Love their song 'Ash Like Snow' very much! It never fail to amuse me when I play it in my mp3.

Take a listen their "The Winter Album" album and you'll instantly fall in love with this band.

Tomoko has a nice voice. Check out Tommy Heavenly 6 and Tommy February 6!

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56 Inugami Circus-dan

What about them - they're one of the greatest ever!

57 NoGoD
58 T.M. Revolution

Why is this not in the top twenty? Granted, I'd settle for thirty just for the simple fact that T.M. Revolution is more rock pop if anything, but how can anyone seriously hear Takanori's voice and not feel moved? Heart of Sword, Resonance, Joker. Have fun with it. - RavenXObsidian

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59 DaizyStripper

Daily definitely deserves a better ranking! Not only because of the voice of yuuguri but also kazami's talent! Amazing band!

60 Spiv States
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