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61 Inugami Circus-dan

What about them - they're one of the greatest ever!

62 NoGoD
63 T.M. Revolution

Why is this not in the top twenty? Granted, I'd settle for thirty just for the simple fact that T.M. Revolution is more rock pop if anything, but how can anyone seriously hear Takanori's voice and not feel moved? Heart of Sword, Resonance, Joker. Have fun with it. - RavenXObsidian

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64 DaizyStripper

Daily definitely deserves a better ranking! Not only because of the voice of yuuguri but also kazami's talent! Amazing band!

65 Spiv States
66 Esprit D'Air

These guys ROCK. I have not heard music as unique as theirs in such a long time!

Wonderfully produced, quality music... You must check them out!

Great j-rock band

The most talented independent band I have ever heard. If you haven't already, you should check out "The Hunter" and "Shizuku". The drummer Daishi also makes all the beautiful artwork. They are all true inspirations. - annagu00fcneu015f

Amazing band... even better now after their hiatus. - ak22

67 Awoi
68 AND-Eccentric Agent

Oh come on people they are great. You should definitely check them out. Ikuma (voc. ) Peco & Kili (guit. ) Ken (bass) and Kaji (dru. ). They are the best j-rock band I've ever heard and Ikuma has an amazing voice! Check out their pv "Blindness". GREAT! Agents 4 ever!

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69 D

Asagi, Ruiza, Hiroki, Tsunehito & Hide-Zou, they are all so very talented, I find their music perfect in every way. Asagi's voice never fails to impress me, especially how amazing it sounds live. D's music style is unique and beautiful!

WHAT? D is on 91? What the hell...
They are one of the best Band I've ever heard.
Go and support them!

Most underrated band ever! The music is amazing!

I love this band! Asagi has the voice of an angel! Asagi was wonderful in all of the bands he took part of (Balsamic,Je Reviens, Syndrome, Kochou Project, D, Asagi Solo Project).They are all so handsome and talented (Asagi, Hiroki, Hide-Zou, Tsunehito, Ruiza). I love their costumes and the fact that they are presenting their costumes to us in the making of every music-video. Respect! Wish I could see them live

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70 Kagrra

Kagrra, should be on top ten list. Their music is unique. Dark and beautiful at the same time. Isshi's beautiful vocals.

Their music is very atmospheric. Very dark, moody, and even beautiful.

come on know they got mad skills!! =)

No matter what, I will always love them.

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71 Acid Mothers Temple

... And the cosmic inferno, and the melting paraiso UFO, and any other offshoot of this psychedelic metal collective. They've released about 800 cds (well not that much but you get the idea). Unless you have their entire discography information filed into your brain, you will have to rely on reviews or just pure luck with what you will get. Essentially though, they are majorly influenced by 70s rock/metal/psych/jazz. Except they take it to extremes. Sometimes you may get a melodic (but of course wacky) psychedelic album. Sometimes you may just get an entire album of random noises and feedback.

If this sounds intriguing to you, I suggest you start with the following 2 titles as they are more widely available - Acid Motherly Love, and Myth Of The Love Electrique.

Rumour has it that they may also be disbanding soon, so if you can get to one of their shows, let me know how it was - I stupidly missed the chance to see them twice in the past.

72 Jackman

DIAURA is the only band that ever made me say "Whatever they are up to next, it's going to be epic. " They drew me in and didn't let me go until the end. I have listened to all of their songs, and these guys didn't let me down, not even once. They are the best.

Seriously, they're underrated... DIAURA's just one of the best (if not THE best) bands ever! They keep getting better and better with each new release, and to be honest, they're slowly starting to replace the GazettE, Nightmare and SID as my favorite band EVER.

"Sirius", "Lily" and "Lost Rain" has got to be their best songs from their new album! This band never seize to amaze me!

I love Diaura so much...they are very good and I love their music. I'm sad because they are only on place 47...

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74 ViViD

A fairly new band that was formed in 2009.
But their music is incredible.
Some songs that I would suggest,
Fake, yume no michishirube, 69 11,
Across the border, precious.

ViViD rocks to the MAX!
They have a lot of talent in progressing with their new songs which gets better & better!
I am sure one day, when ViViD is well known, they will be in the top 5!

Vivid is one of the best out there might be right after gazette and alice nine! I would suggest "ear" if you want to listen and try out vivid!

After ViViD disbanded,i started listening to some old songs again.It is sad that they have disbanded.They are really talented musicians that are not like silly idols nowadays.Their ranking needs to go up!

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75 Nega

I just simply love this band! I found them on You Tube by an accident and I am so glad I did so! Their songs are so compelling, and the their sound is awesome with so much talent with each individual member! I love songs like Soul Cry, Muddy Cult, and Neo Destruction. They are an extremely talented band and not to mention Jin's voice is so beautiful, I love how he sings! *_* I definitely recommend Nega to anyone! If not better they are just as good as The Gazette! :D

Jin has such a unique voice and NEGA always surprises with their songs. Their sound is amazing with beautiful piano solos and talented guitar, bass and drums. They really need more votes and love, they are talented, unique and way too awesome band

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76 BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad
77 Sigh

Sigh, My favorite all time band. Sure they don't have the "meaning full" lyrics that some other bands do, but that doesn't matter. Their style has always been something I loved, and there is no way I ever get bored listening to their albums. A huge effort is put into this type of "Avant-Grande" music. Their concerts are definitely worth watching if you are a true metal fan. I would never forget to mention that Dr. Mikannibal is my Heroine. I never expected Sigh to even make it here, and frankly that is fine. I love Sigh and I HIGHLY recommend anyone who likes metal to give them a listen. The song that won me over had to be "Slaughtergarden Suite. "

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78 Jinn

This is my favorite Japanese band ever. Listen to their Sound, each of their song, and you'll know why this band is so special

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80 Skin

I only wish I could find a c. d. for them! they are a great band! I rly messed up in 2007 when I saw them in concert! and didn't buy anyhing :C

S.k.I.N. will be the most famous band. no only in japan! in all the world. go! YOSHIKI,GACKT,SUGIZO & MIYAVI! god of music

the super band!! with only 4 songs i know that S.K.I.N. is the best band ever!

I was too young when they rocked together but God, I'd like to see them, hear them... Hope one day. Anyway, it's the only best band in the world!

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