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d'erlanger is one of the best bands ever born in japan. the song "moon and the memories" is one of their rock anthems that every citizen of japan knows about. they reunited again in 2007 after disbanding in 1990 to achieve more success and rock again their beloved country. once again, one of the greatest bands of japan with b'z - ronluna

Cool punknoise ballad rock visual band touring in Taiwan but I'm getting annoyed by dead end, this one, zi:kill, gastunk, etc are UNDER APPRECIATED than new indie yr2000 bands - ronluna

very underrated band, why does everyone knows x and forgot this band? dir en grey even cited that d'erlanger is one of their idols - ronluna

The first band in the history of the j-rock, they are on the same level as X, they are still almost been formative for the direction of visual kei as X...
Why they are not among the top ten? That they had earned more than...

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102 Matenrou Opera

Matenrou Opera creates a lyrical and compositional masterpiece with every single album. With a symphonic rock style that carries elements of speed metal, 80s rock, and some electronic elements, their sound always stays interesting. Sono's voice is gorgeous; it pains me to see them so low on this list.

No way this band is 150... Sad more people should listen to this awesome band.

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103 Coldrain

Come on 124? They should be at least on Top 10, performance wise, they ROCK the stage and their songs have essence.

They deserve more vote, I already voted for crossfaith but coldrain is one of my favorite band for sure

Coldrain, yeah Such a Good Metal, but maybe it's the best metal band in Japan

Come on 124 really now. They should be higher up. This band is amazing.

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The are simply amazing, and their sound is beautiful! - derek3men

just perfect. not heavy metal. not soft rock.

even I'm not japanese I liked their music.. so amazing!

The balance of the voices makes this band so powerful.

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105 Nico Touches the Walls

One of my best rock bands.. The vocalist Tatsuya Mitsumura has a very attractive accent... Their songs as different and DIVER with have was signed as NARUTO SHIPUUDEN 9th opening was a great without forget brokenyouth and yoru no hate

Even though they broke up this band is amazing from they have this unique sound to them. From fullmetal alchemist to Naruto these guys are amazing!

They didn't. I just read about them.

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106 ZONE

Not really rock as much as it is J-pop, but an amazing band nonetheless. I recommend it to anyone into Japanese music. When it comes to J-rock, I'd have to go with The Pillows over anything.

This band should be in top 10 or maybe the number one, zone fans come and vote for it zone forever ^_^

This band should be in top 10 or maybe the number one,zone fans come and vote for it zone forever ^_^

107 The Candy Spooky Theatre

Is The Candy Spooky Theater :3

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108 Wagakki Band

They are the best in folk-rock, just awesome, all of them have an impressive talent.

I like Wagakki Band

It is the best!

The most Amazing japanese Band with impressive skill, awesome live performance, and Epic Song. my favorite is kishikaisei, senbonzakura, ikusa, Akatsuki no ito!

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109 Kenji Ohtsuki & Zetsubou Shoujotachi
110 Oyuugi Wagamama Dan x Paradeis
111 Show-Ya

The iconic Queens of Heavy Metal. One of the few band that can muster a music Festival on their name alone, even 30 years after its creation.

112 BabyMetal BabyMetal Babymetal is a Japanese metal idol band. Their line-up consists of Suzuka Nakamoto as "Su-metal", Yui Mizuno as "Yuimetal", and Moa Kikuchi as "Moametal".

Well, they are the best example to show, that a metal band can be cute and deadly at the same time. They are awesome! They play a very powerful metal, so if you enjoy power metal and like cute japanese girls, they will be your next favourite band!

Hail the Fox God! Most disruptive and polarizing metal act in 3 decades! Broke all the rules! Full entertainment package; singing, dancing, acting. Sometimes their live has full immersion theatrical aspects! They live to perform, totally opposite to "studio" bands! Backed by virtuoso musicians, producers, composers, best that Japan has to offer! Team BABYMETAL will rule the world!

They are going to be at the top someday...


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113 Zilch
114 the pillows

1989 to present day with 270 songs crossing multiple styles while keeping they're alternative rock sound, the pillows are the best. no question.

From the moment I first heard them, I fell in love. They always manage to both calm me and pump me for the next day. I can't imagine anyone not liking the raw awesomeness, the classic sound. The pillows are my favorite band. Period. The moment you hear their songs, you will be hooked.

An expansive discography without a dud in the bunch! The Pillows have been around in the jrock scene for almost 2 decades now.

The pillows is Japanese Beatles.
We believe, good music has no borders, no race, and is timeless.
They can play good music

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115 Namie Amuro
116 Guardian Hacker
117 Mintjam
118 Graupel
119 Does

They are really great!
Donten, Shura, Bakuchi Dancer and Bokutachi no Kisetsu are really great singles... They will give you the anime feeling!

One of the top (I personally think) top bands in Japan. It has so many songs that just steal your mind as well as the band lets you get a true feeling of Anime as well as if you watch Gintama you would understand why so many of this bands songs were included in that anime.

I really can't believe Does is in 100's, I am literally in love with that band. I love their singing, I love their solos, and I love the lyrics. I found them via anime Gintama but now I have all of their songs in my mp3.

Gintama is my favorite anime.
Does is my favorite japanese punk-rock band.

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120 Shonen Knife

I am impressed that Shonen Knife is this high on this list. Not because they don't belong this high, no they belong even higher, they belong at number one, but because they weren't teen sensation and crap. Their music was art. Their art was beautiful.

Catchy melodies, beautiful vocal harmonies, good consistency through their discography (hard to find a really bad song) and rocking harder than ever live even after 30+ years. , my respect to this ladies, not only a great Japanese band but overall a great band. It's a shame they're so underrated

Finally, someone with a decent view on this subject. It pains me to see all these weaboos yelling how their favorite band is special.. Music is music. Looks come second, or even third.

If not for Shonen Knife there wouldn't be half the bands on this list.

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