Of course I was captured by the idea of cute Japanese school girls playing rock music, but I keep supporting them for so many more reasons. Their music is catchy and upbeat, they actually play instruments and really really well. They get better all the time. In a world and an industry dominated by idol groups this is worth support alone. They write their lyrics and Tomomi especially is very talented at this, though I mainly read translations (Switch is a great example). They are learning to write their own music as well. I've watched them grow up from their high school shows and it makes their journey seem so personal. Plus, they are just great people. Tomo is always out for fun, but is a sensitive girl really, and Rina, could be the typical, lofty beautiful one but she is very down-to-earth and her comments at every Sendai show since the earthquake mean a lot. She's always so caring. Their live shows are great too. They manage to keep the energy going and aren't afraid to banter with ...more

SCANDAL has to be the first! I mean, where else can you find so many kawaii girls that has so much talent in one band? Their songs are filled with originality and their feelings as well, not only that, they're the fastest band that's going to perform in Budokan after just 5 years since their formation, no other band has achieved this! I sure hope they make the top ten of this list! They deserve it!

SCANDAL has been great since the very beginning, but only get better and better as time goes on. They just celebrated their 5 year anniversary, blew people in America away at the AM2 convention, blew even more people away with their recent Virgin Hall tour and are soon to start their global domination with their TITLE MATCH SCANDAL VS. BUDOKAN show!

Scandal are the best by far. All their songs are extremely catchy, The beats are always awesome and the lyrics are amazing. The vocals for all of their singles are great epically Haruna's. As a bonus their all supremely Cute!

SCANDAL should be the number 1! NUMBER 1! Because they are the best and they are just getting better and better and they will for sure capture everyone's heart and will be captivated by their awesome performance be it by live performance or by albums/singles. They also have songs being opening and ending songs for anime which I like! GO SCANDAL!

When I first heard them, I thought they WERE an Idol group... Gladly, I was proven wrong. They may not write all their own songs, but for other musicians to WANT to write songs for you, that's impressive. I can't wait to see their performance at Budokan on Blu-Ray when it comes out. They've gone from cute and adorable to hotties (yet Rina somehow manages to balance that out), which may be a clue to their success, but they get better and better with each release. Their style is somewhere in the middle, but they're headed for their fourth album, and graced anime three times. Many of their best songs aren't confined to their singles, along with Haruna letting Tomomi and Mami take the mic every once in a while leads to their uniqueness. I look forward to seeing what new level the girls have reached with their fourth album, Queens are Trumps, and hope to see them live someday!

What can I say that hadn't been already said? Every since ZONE went their separate ways their had to be someone to full the gap. SCANDAL had done that with their talent, charisma, charm and seemingly never ending energy. Haruna leads this eclectic group of girls with her seriousness on stage and her openness off. Her voice is unique and can recognized anywhere. Tomomi is unbelievably adorable. Her looks hide her talent for writing lyrics and skillful bass playing. Maimi has mysterious aura about her but is just a dork at heart. Playful and approachable, her husky voice and guitar playing are always a joy to listen to. Rina at first glance gives you the beauty queen vibe but that just hides her musical talent. Who would ever suspect her to be a drummer of high caliber and a sweetheart.

SCANDAL is definitely one of the best Rock band in Japan. They are proud icon of All-girl Rock Band. They got skills - and we know they are improving, they got attitude, they sound great in their albums and even more on live performances. They play their respective instruments really well, they all sing (and it's nice to hear 4 different voice-tones blend as one), they write their music, they can dance, too.

From 4 normal students, barely knowing things about instruments, to one of the best rock band around. They work hard to get to where they are now and they keep on getting even better!

Girls can rock the stage, looked deadly, powerful, yet stunningly beautiful at the same time. That's SCANDAL.

There an awesome, they are so talented and inspire me at max, it is thanks to SCANDAL I am continuing with my animation, as they never give and always do their best and really hard, they are really funny and because of them my college work has improved so much that I am getting merits and distinction, something that was never expected form me, also because I am disable I feel like it is impossible for me to achieve my goal, but every time I watch SCANDAL videos or listen to their song, I always feel it is possible and I will try my best to make it happen.

Scandal just awesome and powerful all girl rock band... They are pretty and cute, they also can dance... I just love the 4 of them.. Anticipated to their new single and activity...

SCANDAL is the best! They should be the no. 1 Japanese Rock Band! They created a lot of song with different genres. No wonder they have a lot of fans around the world! Go go go Scandal!

I think SCANDAL will become someday very faimous and loved by people all over the world. SCANDAL has inspired me and their music is part of my life now. I remember when they were just some highschool girls with big dreams, performing at Osaka Jo Park. They have grown up a lot as musicians and I think as persons too. Now... Their dream came true: performing at Osaka Jo Hall! I will keep supporting them no matter what and I will always be proud of their evolution. I hope someday I will also see their live concert in Japan and enjoy their music and stage presence. SCANDAL fight!

I really really love SCANDAL. I like their style and it suit them on what genre they're. SCANDAL is the only Jpop Rock band that I've been collecting their singles and album, although I'm living in Philippines. I don't care how much the Shipping cost or how much their singles are, that's the way I love scandal. Also because of Mami(lead gtr) she's my inspiration to me, she inspire me to improve my guitar skill.

SCANDAL is a band consist of 4 beautiful girls, and the songs they played and created are all awesome. Not many bands can even match their teamwork and fans of SCANDAL always cheer for them no matter what. SO the last thing I am gonna say is GO GO GO SCANDAL! You ARE THE BEST!

SCANDAL.. I just love how they can play music so well.. The rhythm of guitar, the drumbeat and of course the vocal of Haruna that is very powerful and full of energy whenever they come on stage...! Hope that SCANDAL will be the greatest band ever build in the world..! Keep it up..!

Can any human being imagine that he/she can expert guitar in 3 months? Well it's not a anime or a dream. All the girls in SCANDAL has done it. HARUNA (vocal/guitar), TOMOMI (bass/vocal), MAMI (guitar/vocal), RINA (drum/vocal). The best singing combo is HARUNA and TOMOMI because the low voice from H. And high voice from T. Match really great. And the amazing part from SCANDAL is that : THEY CAN DANCE. Have you ever see a girl holding a guitar and sing while dancing? Thanks to SCANDAL, they inspired many young Japanese girls to form bands. Certainly, they still need to work harder but they are great already. Probably in a few more years, they will become the BEST!

Finding the best band in Japan is kind of like finding the perfect flavor of ice cream. Each and every single flavor has it's own perks. When it comes to SCANDAL, They simply stand out. SCANDAL has made me rock on, love, laugh, and cry! Their eye-candy band members really give vibrant personalities that end up making you love them, and you get to know each member, unlike some other bands whose members you can't recall their face or name! I have heard so many good bands, but SCANDAL will forever have a place in my once-frozen heart I LOVE YOU SCANDAL! ~

Scandal is best girlband ever, as the other fans can see they work hard everyday to make a lot of awesome music in the music industry and not just that all they even improving themselves in every aspect especially their voice. That is the main reason why SCANDAL should be first. Go for it girls, you all can do it, I'll always support SCANDAL

SCANDAL is the first Japanese Band that I really really like, plus they're are all girls! That just make them cooler! They're definitely "The Hottest Japanese School Girl Band" Although they're not wearing uniforms now *sigh.. Still like them anyway, GIRL BE!

Great band, four girl make powerful music, the voice and instrument technique is really good. The the music are so rock. They mix up with cute and powerful, for a totally girl band they are the best in Asia, or even the world. Hope the could make more songs, two thumbs up for them!

SCANDAL not totally the ROCK BAND that you expect to be but their music can steal the hearts of their listeners. Of all the ROCK bands they are not the kind of Rock musicians who wear black or something just to make them like a rocker they are the most simplest in terms of clothing but their simplicity is what makes the the TOTAL ROCKER of the Japanese MUSIC INDUSTRY.. I wish you guys more power and hope that I could be able to meet you guys personally

SCANDAL is not just a pretty face girl group, their control of instruments is awesome. As they grow and evolve to be the world's most awesome band, they will continue to master their instrument and try out different styles.
As their fans, we will watch them grow up and become better and better while continuing our support for them.

Ever since I've heard SCANDAL's music it touched my heart instantly, they really work hard everyday for the band and as for their songs it also touched my heart even without knowing the translation of it! The melody of their song is just beautiful plus if you'll read the translation of their songs, I guarantee that you'll be inspired. SCANDAL really changed my life ever since I started to fandomize them and because of their songs my life change in a better way I strive to aim high on my dreams. So if I were you, love this girls and I'll bet that they will touch your hearts too.

SCANDAL is the BEST! I've been in love with them for just months but all I can say is They are the BEST!
Yeah! Keep On Rocking! & More Power For You Guys! D
I Hope that You'll Be on the Top 1! So Good Luck Scandal! May God Bless You!
I Love You Guys!

SCANDAL is the most powerful girlie rock band in scandal, the four of them are beautiful, talented and there songs are just great. Rina has the best drums skills I've ever see for such a young female performer. Rina is also very active with her fans and is the one to update her blog most frequently. Mami has the fastest and best guitar skills with a cute punkish voice. Tomomi Is a great bassist and always lightens up the mood, her voice also matches with Haruna's. Haruna has a deep and powerful voice, perfect for leading the vocals and is also a great rhythm guitarist.