Stereo Pony


The awesome girls of Stereopony are so talented and so hard working! There is so much more to come from them, so keep an eye on this amazing group from Okinawa! They are also really great to their fans, always going out of their way to meet as many fans as they can from all around the world. Even despite a language barrier, they are very personable and fun to be around.

I feel that Stereopony have such a unique sound. It's really upbeat and I don't think I'll ever get tired of listening to it!
All of the girls are so real; they really appreciate their fans and they work so hard on their music to make it the best that they can! They are definitely my favourite band. All 3 of them are so talented!


What is there to not love about their music, they should be number one on all charts, they love interacting with their fans and it shows when you go their concerts, how many bands don you know that you can actually say that. Over the top perfect music, I just adore their sound

Their songs just evoke amazing emotions from you, always a pleasure to hear their songs. I have all their songs in playlist!

Best Japanese all-girl rock band ever ^_^ play their own instruments, write their own music as well as the lyrics... Great talent musicians

THE BEST girl rock trio yet! If you've never listened to them please do! You won't be disappointed - dereko92

There isn't a single Stereopony song I don't like. The bassist has real talent. The Drummer signs while playing some awesome beats. The guitarist has a great vocal range and great riffs.

I know Stereopony will Together and forever to their fans. Because their songs is good and very amazing.. I'm never boring if I listen their songs. - daudtssibegall

Stereopony is not about some kind of appeal. They are just themselves, with their own style!
They are sweet yet when rocking all the way... And, sincerely, they play with passion the songs, composed by themselves, and they just keep improving!
That's why I choose them to follow: they aren't flawless yet, but the three of them keep trying to make their music better and better.

These girls are amazing at what they do. You can hear all the energy they put in to their music, the sound just touches you. If you haven't heard any of their songs check some out, Hitohira no Hanabira is the first song I heard from them and I fell instantly in love. If you ever have the chance to see them live it's an amazing experience because you can see all the energy they put in to playing their music, as well as see how much fun they have while doing so.

In the Live Concert, I See they send Love and Happiness to listeners from their true mind through their voice with honesty. This thing make STEREOPONY different from other bands that just perform their energy and style.

Nice voice, beautiful girl, amazing songs, when I listen their songs, I alaways feel high, I fall in love with them without NO MORE REASONS

They have such unique sound and the guitar riffs are amazing

I really love all their songs, they are so talented! I really enjoy their songs

It's Stereopony! Not Stereo Pony. Also, they should be in the top 5

Went to Stereopony's American concert and became an instant fan! I love you Aimi!

Best Japanese All-Girl Rock Band!

They are the first j-rock band that I've listened to... And I must say that even though its not a big and well known group, they are amazing
Stereopony should receive much more credit for their songs ^-^

Great lyrics, singer, guitarist... Everything. Should definitely be up by AFKG and Scandal!

Okay. In terms of consistent audience rousing energy/power SCANDAL has Stereopony most often beat...
But, in terms of balancing the composition of their own music and the performance, they are definitely among the top 10. Because of this Stereopony may hold the most talent in terms of a girls band instrumently. Moreover they have perhaps been the most successful integrating American musical talent into the world of Japanese art. Stereopony has shown constantly again and again that they are dedicated to such a thing and have visited the U.S. over and over and have even through the loss of their leader and lead Vo. AIMI, merged so far permantly with their favorite. American artist Avril Lavigne's guitarist Evan..
They may not have rasied the most popularity in contrast to SCANDAL they are definitely one of the strongest if not the strongest Japanese female bands. So, let's raise their rank guys.

Great music, great skill, and good looking personel ^^ they really, really, really inspire me with their great music ^^ keep on playing girl's and KEEP ON rocking!