I don't find any reason for UVERworld to be underrated! It should be @number 1!
Best thing about UVERworld that you can't find in any other bands are their beautiful lyrics and melodies (and the way they arrange all their songs freshly and uniquely! Anyway I'm a musician, so I know how thoughtful are Takuya and friends of all their songs. they are so talented, really). ALL of their lyrics always have a deeper and thoughtful meanings, and I really believe that UVERworld purely and only wants to motivate people to be better and give all their fans high+positive spirits everyday! Simply amazing.
UVERworld is truly a great band with touching songs. Their members have a deep musicality, which you hardly find in other members of a band. It's so sad that people often underrated them :(
GO GO UVERworld! Six Pride forever.

UVERworld has been my favorite band for.. Years. Takuya, Katsuya, Akira, Nobuto and Shintaro have changed my life, they're all amazing beyond comprehension.. I can't even begin to describe how much I love UVERworld. I would /never/ vote for any other band. I'll always support them and be their number one fan.

UVERworld is awesome! Why aren't they on the top?

You watch their live concert, you must love it. Their musics are a fusion within ROCK, RAP, BEAT, BALLAD, also TECHNO! They are the best in all UVER the WORLD!

L'Arc~en~Ciel, X Japan, etc are also great bands. But watching UVERworld, I never get bored.. They shake the audience!

They make me happy, energetic, my heart beats so fast, I get into the song and sing my heart out albeit I can't sing. And even though I don't understand Japanese I can understand the music they play and it is beautiful that it makes me feel beautiful. I can't help but smile whenever I hear their songs that never tire me! They managed to make me fall for them the first time I heard them play unlike the other bands. I love them, support them, they are different yet so awesome. UVERworld for the win!

I-LOVE-THEM-I--Do! Their music is totally top notch and they mix genres that are suited for their message, I can totally relate to some... I'm remember screaming with joy on top of the balcony when I listened to core pride... THEY never cease to amaze me!

They are not much on screaming but takuya's voice can shift tones... Which totally sends me flying with happiness... Sorry... I got carried away... But they really rock... They do... And will ever be

I think Takuya has the best voice I've ever heard. Not only does it have great quality, it's also really flexible as well. The way he can switch from low to high notes, from rap to singing, in almost a flash makes me respect him even more. Other bands need 2 singers to reach this level of vocal range, but he can handle everything alone. Which is just great to me.

They're just AWESOME. Takuya blows you up with his rapping and extremely nice arrangements... I can't find better words to explain why I like them so much, just knew I love them from the first time I heard a song of theirs (Kanashimi wa Kitto, listen to it or even better Qualia, in my opinion BEST BALLAD EVER)

Honestly I didn't knew about UVERworld until I heard their song "GEKIDOU" which was became the ending theme of the hit anime series D-Gray Man then when I researched about this band I found out that this band had lots of great music like also the "Colors of the Heart" which also a opening theme for the anime "Bleach". This band have a great combination of different kind or genres of music also this band have very high quality talent because they can mixed up rap and beat box to their music

I absolutely, positively love this band. I have been completely hooked on UVERworld since the first time I ever heard them. I listen to them every single day going to and from work - they're like my morning coffee. There isn't a single song that they've done so far that I could do without, which is a first!

Have to mention their live shows - thank heaven for DVD's because anybody outside of Japan is otherwise missing out on a FANTASTIC live performance!

I've loved this band for the past 10 years since their debut, and I've loved the combinations of rock with multitudes of different elements that just give their music such wonderful color. Not to mention they are one of the BEST bands live, the band is crisp and TAKUYA∞ can actually sing through an entire playlist perfectly, which is incredibly hard for anyone to do. They're also not just a stagnant, one-trick-pony, they explore several different styles while at the same time retaining them all through the years so that fans of different types of music can stay interested in them. Whether you think they are the best band or not, these guys are definitely worth checking out!

This guys are GENIUS! seriously! MY ICHIBAN FOREVER AND EVER. Their message is awesome, brilliant, beautiful and they will always mkae me feel better. Their live concerts are way more awesome, they push to be better everyday. They have been making their dreams come true, I know I will too.

Very unique, open, uplifting, hard-hitting sound all due to UVERworld's diverse instrumentation and vocal elements (Sax, synth, bass & electric & rhythm guitar, beatboxing, rapping, crazy drums, and Takuya's lovely singing voice).Every UVERworld album is incredible and each song really fills up the sound space - they really transport me to some other world when I listen to them. I love that UVERworld songs have great messages about making the best of what we've got in life.

I like that UVERworld continues to experiment with each release and always aims to 1-up anything it's done before, and yet still manages to make it work. I've really enjoyed watching and listening to UVERworld grow and I think they really deserve all the success they've achieved thus far.

Somehow UVERworld songs just have a feeling that draws people to it. Although I'm a major fan of one visual kei band that is in the Top 10. But I'd love to put UVERworld over them in a way, their music just attracts people to it. It's just like an indescribable feeling. UVERworld rocks people with their songs!

UVERworld is a a bit underrated in my opinion. Takuya's voice is amazing and the all of the skills from the band are absolutely superb. No matter how much time passes, I am able to listen back to their older songs and enjoy their music no matter how much time passes. They are definitely a talented bunch!

Why this band is ranked so low! It should be at 1st place.. Please vote for this band everyone take this band to the top!

I like many bands so much, for example X-Japan (love so much)... And this so hard to me
But UVER is my love and my everything, I can't live without this guys. And my love is gone with this vote

UVERworld for ever. I can't explain my feelings for you, but I know that you know

I tried listening to every other band, but UVERworld is still my no.1 Fav japanese band! Hey! Everybody has different tastes so I love what I love!

They have this addictive feel to all of their music that I dare let my friends listen to even though they would normally hate the Japanese music genre. Plus, just through them, I managed to find 5 more fans in my school. Kinda impressive. UVERWORLD for the win!

UVERworld is a group which immediately fascinated me! They are full of energy and they know how to transmit it to their public! Their songs are always great, their work is always very neat and they always try to do better! They are just great and I love them!

This band is awesome! They never fail to amaze me. I like that they are trying different music styles! And I believe that they will just simply become better and better! This is the first band I became a fan of and they will always be my number 1!

I can really feel their spirit while listening to their music, every melody and word makes my heart burn! UVERworld makes my day brighter, they give me an amazing and wonderful feeling! I'll support UVERworld all the way to the TOP OF THE WORLD!

I love them simply because I just love them? Laugh out loud. The vocalist wrote most of the band's songs and even programmed it. Everything they do is SO ORIGINAL and the music they presented is so meaningful especially their song lyrics!

I LOVE UVERworld. FOREVER AND EVER! Their changing styles just makes me go nut! It's insane how much styles they've touched yet they make me fall in love with each song. The lyrics of their songs are just plain awesome as well and make you feel good ans inspire you to keep going. UVERworld LIVE is a whole new story, it just makes you feel pumped out as sson as it starts, they can transmit their energy rigth away

UVERWorld is just awesome! The best ;) I don't understand why they're not at the top. All the music they do is just amazing and you never get tiered of it. I mean that other bands do a good job as well but UVERWirld is just perfect!

I can't even say all of what UVERworld means to me and how amazing they are. I only hope that more of the world can have exposure to their brilliance.