The music is well fitted, the bass and drums complement each other wonderfully. The guitars are never overbearing, nor out of place, every rift sounds like it belongs. I love the way they start out slow, with piano and other music, then totally start rocking it by the end of the song. Kamijo's voice is velvety and unique, he really suits their usual song topics. What are their songs about? Well I've noticed quite a few about vampires, which is awesome! How many bands out there sing about vampires? But there's also loneliness, love, nostalgia... Etc. Their costumes are as amazing as their music. They all look really good. (Refraining for more provocative comments...)

Versailles gives an elegant performance in their music and physical appearances. They have set clear standards for themselves, and they never disappoint their fans, their music forever evolving with each new release. They tell stories in every song, filling them with emotion. Each of the members has noticeably grown stronger over the years, and each have a definitive place in the band. They try new things and excel each time; the love they have for music and beauty permeate everything that they do.

Versailles definitely has a unique style and beat. Their songs cover a wide range of feelings, and their clothing is ever surprising and entertaining. Kamijo's voice is incredibly beautiful and deep, and it has just the right tone. Versailles' lyrics are also amsterfully written and it is obvious that they have been written so with passion. My favorite two songs from Versailles, Episode and Serenade are especially beautiful in their simplicity. Hizaki, Jasmine You, Teru and Yuki are also very talented in playing the guitar and drums respectively, though Jasmine You will always be missed, both in presence and skills.

Versailles are truly the personification of beautiful; with their aesthetics, their sound and their concept, they are truly a band that cannot be rivalled. Unique with their sound, from Kamijo's poignant and elegant vocals, to their sublimely intricate guitar solo work from Teru and Hizaki, through the never-ending proclamation of Yuki's drumming down to Masashi unique and heavy flow with his bass... you can't deny just how brilliant these guys are.

Because Versailles is a unique and a exceptional band. Beautiful costumes and songs. Versailles isn't as the other groups, he differs from the others it is what what makes it their originality. What's more, there are 2 TRUE guitar player who are WAHOO! This group has of the style! Them videos are neat. A group don't be missed! A band with the best musicians, Kamijo is super singer, he is a fine figure of a man. Yuki a superb drummer and the best like Masashi. WE ARE VERSAILLES

Versailles! You should be no. 2 after the gazette! Oh no! I think Versailles music was more combination and harmony.. I leave all J-rock bands because of Versailles.. Does Kamijo was not charming enough on the stage? Does Hizaki was not talented enough playing his guitar? Does Masashi was not beauty enough comparing him with Jasmine you? Does Teru was not sexy enough swaying his hips? Does YUKI was not powerful enough when hit his TAMA drum set?

Just pay attention when you listen to their music and you will realize how gorgeous it's, the drums are powerful but not overdone, the guitars are melodic without loosing the metal side, the bass is always there, discreet but beautiful, and the vocals put all the feelings together into touching lyrics. The only way to understand those feelings is listening to their musics, you wont regret.

They have gain so great this year, including when MASASHI came to in the picture! Every since Jasmine You has passed away 3 years ago, it hurt to all Versailles members and fans.

There elegance are so beautiful including: KAMIJO's alluring voice, TERU & HIZAKI's hardcore solos, MASASHI's fingering skills on the bass guitar and YUKI's intense drumming skills.

I hope they will stay together to the end! WE ARE... VERSAILLES!

Their guitar work is genius, Hizaki has outdone himself in his latest work of art. Each new song they create can easily become a classic! In such a short amount of time Versailles rose to the top and have maintained a clear position, as time keep progressing so will they. Versailles is a work of art, and this masterpiece will remain as beautiful and elegant as when it was first created.

Everything about Versailles is perfect. Their sound, their appearance, everything. Unlike many bands, Versailles' live performances contain the same quality met in their CDs. They genuinely care about their fans, and the fact they take time out of their busy schedules whilst in a foreign country to shake hands and speak to fans at their concerts is amazing. I feel so privileged to have met them

The best neo-classical metal that made me fell in love for this kind of music. A new definition of visual kei with the tint of aristocracy and elegance, I can never view a rock band the same again without having Versailles strength both in music, skills and outlook. This is definitely something you would want to try if you're thinking of 'difference' and beauty. Definitely!

THEY SHOULD BE #1! Versailles is perfect, in every aspect. Perfect songs, perfect members, perfect vocalist, perfect guitar solos, perfect drums, perfect bass, perfect looks, perfect lyrics, perfect melodies and Versailles is well beautiful. With every single live or album or single they get better and better. Versailles is the best band on this planet.

Versailles is an awesome band of visual aesthetics and symphonic rock! Together Hizaki, Teru, Masashi, Yuki, and Kamijo along with their eternal member Jasmine You, blend together great songs and they have made three albums so far! Everyone should listen to this band! You will not be disappointed! We are Versailles!

Versailles = The best band I've never seen!
Kamijo, Teru, Hizaki, Yuki, Masashi.. They're very impressive!
Kamijo with his vocals, Teru and Hizaki with their guitar, Yuki with his drums and Masashi with his bass..
And I also love their elegant and beautiful costumes
They should be the no. 1 Japanese rock band

Versailles has everything a good band needs. Its members are talented and have unique personalities, their creations are both beautiful and technically advanced. It's really hard to not like them and they are progressing very fast, they deserve far more attention and I think they're going ti get it - sooner or later.

... Versailles is just perfect! The music they make is very beautiful. Even with the passing of Jasmine you, they were still able to create music which is elegant, and beautiful. Hizaki and teru are both legendary guitarists, kamijo's voice is beyond beautiful, and masashi's skills are amazing! Truly they deserve to be number 1!

I fall in love with versailles the moment I laid my eyes and ears on them. They are the best band I have ever seen and I want them to the best in the whole world. I love Kamijo, Teru, Hizaki, Yuki, Masashi and the eternal member Jasmin Yu. I hope they will win the first best band. I Love you Versailles! WE ARE VERSAILLES!

WE ARE VERSAILLES! You can feel the passion and dedication in every single word from their albums. The band is awesome, everyone play excellent so I have nothing to say. Their concerts are perfect and they dedicate to give a real experience to their fans!... The words and you know what I mean... WE ARE VERSAILLES!

Versailles is the most beautiful rock band I've ever heard. They look like real aristocrat's. They have great lyrics in their songs and beautiful and difficult melodies. Kamijo's voice is adorable, Hizaki and Teru are guitar masters. That's why I think Versailles is the best jrock band ever.

These guys play REAL music. Their music is top-notch. Their looks are just a plus (but man, they do look cool). They play their music intricately. The lyrics are deep and full of conviction. And what other band could play with with movements like that? Music: 10/10 Theatrics: 10/10 Lyricism 10/10

This band was the first to really make me pay attention to the beautiful musicality which can be found in rock music. The super-clean technique and sheer skill of each of the members is breathtaking. Their dedication to both aural and visual aesthetics makes for a wonderful fan experience.

The are the betters.. But actually are in hiatus.. I hope this not last long.. Truth that feel that was worth hearing each of their songs besides that inspired me to start playing the guitar.. May not be the best band for most but for me it is and I'm proud to have known you, I admitted ashamed that I like, are my idiolos and wanted to be like them but embossing pretty far from what I can.. Besides that its aesthetic is brilliant.. Simply they are perfect

The sound of their guitars, their drums, their bass, the lovely but powerful voice of Kamijo and most of all their lyrics and the kinds of their rhythm are almost perfect.. Their costumes are very amazing too.. Very elegant.. No other visual kei bands can defeat Versailles Philharmonic Quintet!

Versailles enchanted me since the first song that I listened. They lead me to palace with their songs.
The voice of Kamijo and the melody of the instruments are the best harmony that I listened, joining this with the sympathy of the members, the visual, the stories behind the songs and the quality of their lives and we'll have the best Japanese band.
They deserve each fan that have and I'm very, very happy to be one of them.

The way the members perform, make music and look, it's just so amazing and it's hard to describe by words. The band is kinda young and they have been suffering very hard times, but still they're here for sharing their music with us. The music is very beautiful. Every of them are/were skillful and I'm looking forward to their music in future, too. I hope they'll keep playing long and do many Europe tours. I'm sure, this band will stay in Jrock history!