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41 Vertigo

This is the song

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42 With the Lights On
43 Super Model

Best song ever it should be in top 10 in this list...

44 Stupid Sayings
45 If It Ain't Love

Now this is what I call music! This song by Jason Derulo is his newest 2016 song and the song has an extremely catchy beat, along with the "ohs". The lyrics are amazing but what makes this song even better is the best. I love it!

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46 Try Me

Come on guys, are you serious. The groove and beats in this song is dope as hell!

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47 Broken Record

Love this song :) It's a beautiful song about a guy who will never change for his girl despite all her begging, and he knows it too... If you haven't heard it, you're totally missing out!

It's one of the best song from Jason, I loved it. Listen to the words and enjoy the song.

Amazing song! You guys should listen to it! Beautiful and deep lyrics

48 Kiss the Sky

Hi I'm jillian and I just love this song you sang it at your concert in Billings MT. and I want to become a singer like you. And you made such a big entrance. I was front row and that was my fist concert on August 12, 2016 and yeah I'm 9 and I loved it. I hope I can see another one soon

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49 Revolution
50 Calling My Angel
51 We Could Make Love
52 Sleep Walking

It's amazing. Its such a deep song, like most of the songs that he does. I hope you guys listen to it, and love it as much as I do

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53 Fairytale
54 Follow Me

Amazing song... should be higher

55 Hello Friday V 2 Comments
56 In Love With My Guitar
57 Coming Home
58 F*** Somebody
59 Final

This song is just too under rated, love it a lot

Love this one

60 Gataway
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