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61 Without You (Tere Bina)

Awesome song. Sing beautifully by jay sean.

62 Boom Boom
63 Sucka for You

So damn like the Jay sean best known!

64 Luckiest Man

You rock jay sean. What an amazing song;This is one of his best song and deserves to be in top 10

65 Here's Hope
66 Same Old Same Old
67 Moment to Love

David Guetta would be a great voice for Simon Belmont w/ Jay Sean being a great voice for Inky the cyan ghost.

The only reason this is low is because people dint give it a chance
Would this help? - it is produced by david guetta!
Oh and jay sung it!

Why? Why? Why? Was'nt this song added before me coming in
I mean this is purely one of his best
Boost up... Produced by David guetta
Worth to listen to

68 Good Enough
69 Your Love
70 Written On Her
71 Ghost
72 Waiting
73 Chance On You
74 M.U.R.D.E.R.
75 Running Back to You
76 I Don't Know
77 Interlude (Me Against Myself)
78 Do It

Chris Brown would be a great voice for Pac-Man w/ Jay Sean voicing Inky the blue ghost.

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79 Take That Off

Best song of 2014, music is just awesome. It will definitely hit top 10.
You rock. Love you Jay...

80 Wild Horses
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