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1 Reasonable Doubt

Classic like no other. Jays lyrics are on key and with the production from some of the best New York had to offer, Reasonable Doubt is one of the greatest records to ever exist

One of my personal favorite albums in amy genre.. Probably the best Rap album since 1996.

I love this album so much! - DynastiNoble

1. Reasonable Doubt
2. In My Lifetime volume 1
3. Black Album
4. Blueprint
5. Hard Knock Life volume 2
Also Watch the Throne is absolute garbage

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2 The Black Album

Jay Dropped the Black Album and Backed out as The Best Rapper alive! Every single song is brilliant piece of work, Heck Even the PSA(interlude) is! He's truly Modern Day Pablo! Jay-Hova! Roc-nation!

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3 The Blueprint

Reasonable Doubt is definitely a contender, but Blueprint marked an era when Jay-Z was THE best rapper. It both demonstrates lyrical skill and great beats that revolutionized hip-hop. It is my favourite Jay-Z album.

Izzo, Renegade, Takeover, The Ruler's Back, Song Cry, just classic.

This is my top 5
1. The blueprint
2. Reasonable doubt
3. The black album
4. Hard knock life
5. American gangster - Totalbeasto001

Reasonable doubt is the best but this should be higer than the Black album

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4 Watch the Throne

No way Magna Carta is better than this. Don't vote unless you know enough about hip hop.

5 Volume 2... Hard Knock Life

This is where jay smashes sales and breaks into the mainstream - marmalade_skies

6 The Blueprint 3 V 2 Comments
7 American Gangster

Underrated. In my top 3 Jay albums. Jay knows how to make his radio friendly albums and he also knows how to make his deep storytelling albums. - marmalade_skies

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8 The Blueprint 2: The Gift and the Curse V 1 Comment
9 Kingdom Come V 1 Comment
10 Volume 3... Life and Times of S. Carter

Magna carta and blueprint 3 is better than this?
No way get your facts straight before you vote

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11 In My Lifetime, Volume 1

Dope! I like Streets Is Watching & Where I'm From!

12 4:44
13 Magna Carta Holy Grail V 1 Comment
14 The Dynasty: Roc La Familia

Easily one of his best albums, real Jay fans know this!

15 Collision Course

Okay, jay just totally used Linkin Park for their music but it's a dope collab nonetheless - marmalade_skies

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1. Magna Carta Holy Grail
2. Reasonable Doubt
3. The Black Album
1. Reasonable Doubt
2. The Black Album
3. The Blueprint
1. The Black Album
2. Reasonable Doubt
3. The Blueprint

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