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1 99 Problems

the guy who commented on run this town should listen to real jay z, not his new 'music'.. best song by far, infact every song on the black album

99 probs feat. lp iz d best song ever

Jay z is by far the best rapper alive, 99 Problems deserves this spot because Jay Z is awesome. This song has rekindle my love for hip hop and music

He's got 99 Problems and this being a bad song ain't one...

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2 Empire State of Mind

First song of Jay Z I heared and I loved it...
Love You New York...
Raise Your Hands For New York...

Labor Day Parade, rest in peace Bob Marley
Statue of Liberty, long live the World Trade
Long live the King yo, I'm from the Empire State of Jay-Z.

Epic.. That's for the empire city.. Nothing can match this one.. Add the video and that's the best rap sung collaboration ever


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3 Dead Presidents II

The the casual jay z fan. Looking for hooks and choruses (empire state of mind). This is hands down his best song. Not only a top ten jay z song, but a contender for top ten hip hop songs of all time.

Reasonable Doubt is his best album and Dead Presidents II is his best song everything about it is classic and will always be his best song

one of the best lyrical rap songs of all time

A hip hop anthem.

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4 Renegade

Eminem absolutely nails this song, Jay-Z is good on this too. Should be top of the list, very underrated song with great lyrics.

If everyone has heard this song it would by far be #1 just look it up you wont regret. Everyone looking at this comment would agree with me after I promise. Just do us all a favor and look it up. Best lyrics, outstanding beat and flow. Its just amazing and by far a complete classic 100%

Yeah, it's pretty high up on this list but I honestly think it deserves top 3, easily. The chorus is amazing and the lyrics are just unbelievably good. Call me dumb, but I think 99 Problems is overplayed/overrated. Same with Dirt Off Your Shoulder, but not as much. All I know is that I'm a renegade!

Only and only because of eminem. Jay z was thrashy. Eminem live forever.

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5 Dirt Off Your Shoulder

1. Dirt off Your Shoulder
2. Izzo
3. Big Pimpin'
4. Heart of the City
5. DOA
6. Hard Knock Life
7. Dead Presidents II
8. 22 Two's
9. Feelin It
10. Encore
Those are just some of the best in no order. He has tons more good songs. Now I have to keep typing because this thing says that I have not yet reached minimum quality. Now I still have to keep typing. This thing sucks. Now I still have to keep typing. And still I have to keep typing. When will this thing let me submit my response? What is going on here.

Izzo isn't his song, that's Linkin Park's it was featured as a mash up on the album "Collision Course" by Jay Z & Linkin

The beat on this just get's you moving as soon as the song starts it's pretty amazing. And Jay's lyrics are at the top of his game, no doubt one of his best songs of all time. So much better then Empire State of Mind...

Old school gotta have the ups over the new stuff. Show some respect guys... Dirt off

This song so damn tight

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6 N***** In Paris

Sick beat indeed, no bad rapping, even though I don't like Kanye a lot and don't feel offended but I think this collaboration album was just made to sell a lot and didn't fulfill my expectations. Jay is a trillion times better than Ye and you can hear that on this track, because he owns it. But it shouldn't be that high, not saying Hov fell off, but there are way better songs on this list to vote for.

Yea that is what it deserves it should be in no. 6 or 7 am not voting it hoping that it reaches no. Because it does not deserves no. 1 but it deserves to be in top 7 and am voting it so that it does goes lower in rank because some people vote nonsense songs SO PLEASE VOTE FOR IT GUYS!

Love this song this is the best song in the entire world I don't thin any other rapper can dominate this


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7 Hard Knock Life

I love this song it should be #1 heres my list-
#1-hard knock life
#2-can I get a (ft dmx & lil kim)
#4-99 problems
#5-girls, girls, girls
#6-crazy in love (ft beyonce)
#7-empire state of mind (ft aleshai keys)
#8-carter (ft. lil wayne
#10-dirt off ya shorder

The most popular Jay-Z song of all time. It solidified his status as a popular artist and put him on the list as one of the greatest emcees of all time. - robertoantonioortuso

Talks about Jay-Z's struggle and suggests that he killed Tupac, Etched your name out put jigga on top. One of his most creative songs

Classic rap

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8 Big Pimpin'

I think best jay z tune go like this. All his old school tunes are better.

1. Big Pimpin'
2. Dirty off your shoulder
3. 99 problems
4. Hard knock life
= 5. Izzo
= 5. Encore

Big pimpin' is what you want on a hot day with a fat spliff.

Love this sick song, probably The best song I, be heard, but fairs It's a sick song roc on Jay z

BIG PIMPIN. This should be #1 because this one has flow which 99 problems/dirt off your shoulder doesn't. - nolvorite

This list is so wrong.
1. Big Pimpin'
2. Dead Presidents II
3. Renegade
4.99 Problems
5. Heart of the City
6. you Don't Know
7. Where I'm From
8. Can I Live
9. Public Service Announcement
10. Dirt Off Your Soldier

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9 D'evils

D'Evils is truly one of the best hip-hop songs of all time. The subject matter, unlike what comment before me said, is about materialism and how money change a person and everything around it. Premo beat, as always, is perfect along with the samples. Jay-Z flow is on point and he makes it look effortless. And the thing that amazed me, the lyrics are one of the best I've heard. Almost all lines have multiple meanings, there's even quadruple-entendre. A lot of biblical reference, which showcase Hova cultural knowledge.

P. S: "Its One of the Best Songs here talks Jay bout Illuminati and he is possessed by Illuminati in the Chorus are Nas and snoop dogg its really cool it helps the song too to Be one of the best"
It's not Nas, it's Prodigy from the duo Mobb Deep.

Masterpiece! Premiers productions, Jay's Flow and unbelievable lyricism all on point

Unquestionably one of the best hip hop songs ever.

"We used to fight for building blocks, now we fight for blocks with buildings that make a killin"
"It gets dangerous, money and power be changin us, and now we're lethal infected by d'evils"
The entire song is essentially a quotable. It's a damn shame it's so low in the list.

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10 Izzo (H.O.V.A.)

most original song by hova on his best album

This was a great song, so were the following, which most haven't heard of:
-my 1st song
-heart of he city
-moment of clarity
-all I need
-blueprint 2 (the title track)

The beat is so catchy

1.Lucky me the parents
3.Heart of the City
5.Dead president lll
6.Open letter
7.99 problems
9.Dead president ll

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11 Heart of the City (Ain't No Love)

WHAT! You people are nuts. N's in Paris 20 spots ahead of this? Probably the most beautiful, upbeat but at the same time mellow beat ever. Great sample by Kanye, great lyrics by Jay. I listened to this song for hours on end as my niece was being born. It's just... The best. The only one Id maybe put above it is Dead Presidents.

This song is one of my favourite and most played songs in my music collection along with 99 problems, encore, empire state of mind

Common people it's a classic, 99 problems gets number 2, then like hard knock life, dirt off your shoulder and run this town

Great beat and features really work

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12 Numb / Encore

Numb encore is really great! I think this song is the best rap song ever, I love that! Linkin park is playing good, eminem, jay-z, dr. Dre is almost amazing song! I think this song must be first best songs

What a combination! Encore and Numb both are great. And when they came together... Is there anything more to say?

I guess this is one reason why Jay z got famous? He is one of the few famous rappers to rap into the rock/Alternate rock culture.

I love the song "can I get an encore do you want more? "

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13 Run This Town

If you think this is in jay's top twenty you are either ten years old is are stupid

I know this is not as good as his old, but it is so hard.

Oh sorry I can't find Run this town because it isn't in the top 10.

One of his best songs easily, should be much higher.

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14 Young Forever

I love this song, makes me feel really reminiscent and happy. Always makes me raise my hands!

I'm not a huge fan of this album, but this songs brings people back to a time in their life when they didn't worry about finances, drama, or the troubles to come, but rather on enjoying the moment. The song put into perspective the shortness of life and how we enjoy it before it's over. Jay-Z doesn't have much flow but the remix is enough to draw me in

In my opinion, along with Song Cry this is one of Jay Z's most emotional songs. Sick verses and chorus from mr hudson. One of the best reflective rap songs

The first verse by Jay Z in this song might be the best verse of any song ever.

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15 Brooklyn's Finest

Man, these cats got no idea about Jay pre-Blueprint. SMH, Jay was in rare form on Reasonable doubt

How is this not number one? Jay and Biggie going back and forth on Reasonable Doubt like that was just incredible. The lyrical content was incredible not to mention it actually has a great beat too. I can't believe that Empire State of Mind is #2 ahead of this

Genius lyrics. Its all natural Jay-Z about his past. The beat in the song is fab too. Peeps need to listen to his older stuff more!

Just 15?
are you kidding me
not his best but deserves an higer position

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16 Otis

This song so so underrated! This is song is excellent. How could this song be here. Come on guys! Wake uP!

People out there are you crazy this song has won a grammy and you aren't voting for this? Man it should be at no# 1 it has won a grammy vote for it or you are not human beings!

I guess I got mah swagger back... Jay+ ye... Legendary song with otis reeding's vocals

This song is god

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17 Takeover

The only diss song against Nas that is worth listening to.

Brilliantly constructed diss track.

But that beat (kayne west)

A true rival to ether.

Ether vs Takeover, which do you think is better?

Ether was a better diss track but Takeover was a better song because of the beat - venomouskillingmachine

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18 Holy Grail

No better way to put his emotions into life. I've heard him saying RAP IS POETRY. Words straight out of his heart. For those who have achieved everything but still lack the peace.

Awesome song, it's quite new so will move up the poll

It's just a great rap and rnb combination. I like the song very much and of-course this song will bit top ten chart of Jay Z. Kudos to Jay-Z for such an awesome song.

This song is so underrated. - 2234

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19 Where I'm From

Jay Z has many different types of songs, but he is arguably at his best when he reflects on his past life. In this song he does just that with stunning ability. Not a single line in this song is filler. " I'm from where the church is the flakiest, and people have been praying to god so long that they atheist. "

Jay-Z has the artistic ability to create many types of songs. But in this song he refers to his past life with such tremendous truth and skill I cannot say that any other song beats it.

P.S. do not vote unless you've listened to his older songs.

Just a bad ass song yo.

Not the best jay-z song but hands down the realist the only thing that come close is his verse on jezzy's seen it all

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20 I Just Wanna Love U
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