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41 Where Have You Been?

This is undeniably Jay-Z's most emotional song, and anyone who says other wise simply has not heard it. Jay Z reflects on his childhood and the absence of his father.

Wow this song though.. so much emotion :'(

42 Regrets
43 Lucky Me
44 The Story of O.J.

Yo man vote this it's the latest song of jay z come on

It's masterpiece. exactly what hip hop needs now.

45 Money, Cash, Hoes
46 My 1st Song

You kidding me, this song is an instrumental masterpiece with Jigga's poetic lyrics sprinkled on top. - JiggaMan

47 Lucifer

It is a very fine song, it deserves to be in the top ten. Please vote for it and if you have not heard it then you have not heard real jay z so please listen

Black Album And anything Before Black Album, After that All Of Jays Music just seems Watered Down

One of the finest Hip Hop Songs I have ever listened to, and barely heard of.

Just listen and you will know why this should be at least top 7

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48 03' Bonnie & Clyde

The best song in my life killer beat touching life story the best song in the entire world I love it

All I need in this life of sin is me and my girlfriend

Good song I like it because I like beyonce

Why so low down definitely should be top 5

49 Gotta Have It

Can't hep but nod along to this, one of the best songs on Watch the Throne.

One of the best songs of Jay Z. Kanye West and JayZ just Rock the song. One of their best song together. Guys Just Listen to it once and you will love it for sure!

50 A Dream

Fine remix of Biggie in junction with Jay Z, one of my favourite songs of his and should be way higher than this

Defintley in my top 15 jay z songs. Should be much higher

51 Hola' Hovito

One of the best songs from The Blueprint

52 Off That
53 Moonlight
54 What More Can I Say

Best song ever. He poured his heart out into this track.

55 Bonnie and Clyde '03
56 Show Me What You Got

This is the song that got me into Jay-Z. Are there some other songs that I now prefer? Probably, but I will never forget the one that started it all for me.

Uplifting melody, amazing jazzy flow, seriously clever lyrics. Top 10 Jay Z for sure.

57 Oceans
58 A Week Ago
59 Imaginary Players
60 22 Two's V 1 Comment
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