Top Ten Best Jazz Albums


The Top Ten

1 The Look Of Love - Diana Krall
2 Back to Black - Amy Winehouse
3 I'm Breathless - Madonna

I'm Breathless is one of my favorite albums by Msdge. It's a very conceptual album, since the sound of all the tracks is very similar - all retro cabaret-jazz with an ironic twist.
Really original record!
Buy it please, you like it - Magnolia

It was great to see/hear Madonna's jazzy songs. She sounds perfect on this album. Hanky Panky is my favorite track -

4 Kind of Blue - Miles Davis

THIS IS THE ESSENTIAL JAZZ ALBUM! How is this not higher than... Madonna and Amy Winehouse? - EGBrett

It's not only the best jazz album, It's the best album of all time!

Inexplicably moving, ground breaking record, agreed the greatest record of all time, any genre.

MADONA?!?!?! AMY WINEHOUSE? Willie Nelson? Ugh. people need a better education in music. Starting with Kind of Blue.

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5 Thunder - S.M.V.
6 Notes From The Village - Anat Cohen
7 Metamorphosis - Maysa
8 When I Look In Your Eyes - Diana Krall
9 Nothing But The Best - Frank Sinatra
10 Come Away With Me - Norah Jones

She is such a great singer. I Love her music. Lots of untapped music to come from her, I am sure of it. Wow I would buy her cd's anywhere anytime.

The Contenders

11 Two Men With The Blues - Willie Nelson
12 The Girl In The Other Room - Diana Krall
13 Bitches Brew - Miles Davis
14 A Love Supreme - John Coltrane
15 Love Scenes - Diana Krall
16 Magic Of Marilyn - Marilyn Monroe
17 Return of the Headhunters - Headhunters

This is such a great album through and through. Probably the best tracks on the album are: Watch Your Back, Frankie and Kevin, and 6/8-7/8. mastery at every level - fireinside96

18 Romantic Warrior - Return to Forever
19 Birth of the Cool - Miles Davis
20 The Epic - Kamasi Washington
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