Top Ten Best Jean-Claude Van Damme Movies


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1 Bloodsport

A true number 1 contender, probably one of the greatest fighter movies of all time, c mon you should of put this first! - robertoantonioortuso

It's really great to see van Damme in many matches with that style

Best van damme movie. Classic soundtrack, classic fighting scene. A cult classic and most popular action movie for all 90s kids out there ☺️☺️

2 Kickboxer

Good acting from Van Damme, top music, compelling plot, fab training scenes, awesome final annihilation. The only reason to put Bloodsport first is because it's jam-packed with good fights, whereas Kickboxer has hardly any fight scenes, but is definitely the overall better movie. So it's down to what you're after.

3 Double Impact

1)JCVD, 2)Bloodsport, 3)Universal Soldier, 4)Cyborg, 5)Kickboxer, 6)Timecop 7)Lionheart, 8)Universal Soldier:Regeneration, 9)Nowhere To Run, 10)Double Impact

4 Universal Soldier
5 Lionheart

"This dude's gon kill yo ass, don't you know that! "
Best Van Damme film ever.

This was my favorite Van Damme movie... if you like good fights, this one's for you!

6 The Quest

I loved this movie. All the best of several different fighting styles around the world compete to be the best of the best. Seeing all the different fighting styles is very cool! - Freak_Show1

7 Hard Target
8 Universal Soldier: Regeneration
9 Timecop

A great action sci-fi time travel film! Must watched and the greatest Van Damme film! Well, at least - my favorite.

10 Nowhere to Run

The Contenders

11 Sudden Death

In my humble opinion this is the finest Die Hard rip off to date.

12 Cyborg

By far the best!

13 Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning
14 No Retreat, No Surrender
15 Death Warrant
16 Legionnaire
17 In Hell
18 Desert Heat
19 Double Team
20 Second in Command
21 The Expendables 2
22 Street Fighter

Also great in this as Guile.

23 Black Eagle
24 Maximum Risk
25 Knock Off
26 Inferno
27 Replicant
28 The Order
29 Derailed
30 Wake Of Death
31 Kung Fu Panda 2
32 Universal Soldier: The Return
33 Until Death
34 The Shepherd: Border Patrol
35 Assassination Games
36 Kickboxer: Vengeance
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Top Remixes

1. Kickboxer
2. Bloodsport
3. Lionheart
1. Universal Soldier
2. Kickboxer
3. Double Impact
1. Bloodsport
2. Kickboxer
3. Hard Target


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