Best Jeff Buckley Songs


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1 Hallelujah

The base of jeff buckley

Very graceful


2 Grace

Not just a great song! But the full package! An absolute masterpiece from a man that will never be forgotten! RIP Jeff

Grace is way better than Hallelujah. Hallelujah is only up there because it’s what most people know.

Best vocal recording of all time, I reckon. So beautiful. Jeff Buckley doesn't feature on any of the best guitarist, or best vocalist lists. It's ridiculous.

It's so much tighter than any of the other songs I see. Masterfully written. He was wise beyond age.

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3 Lover, You Should Have Come Over

Shes the tear that hangs inside my soul forever

Great song, best bridge ever

Number 2 behind Hallelujah

I can taste his words

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4 Forget Her

Favourite song of Jeff, this song is full of deep honest emotions gets every time I give it a listen, he was gone too soon.

5 Last Goodbye

The best in my opinion,

6 Mojo Pin

The opening 50 seconds... Makes me well up

7 So Real

Amazing song, especially live, even though he died before I was born, he's still one of my favourite singers of all time

It give me chills every time I hear it.

The build up of this song is just magnificent!
From peaceful and melancholic to powerful and bombastic!

8 Everybody Here Wants You

Number one for me and the most sensual one

Listen to that vocal range

Defining part of my life
Love eternal to jeff

9 Eternal Life
10 Dream Brother

This song has great lyrics, emotion, instrumentals and like always; amazing vocals. Dream Brother definitely deserves to be higher on the list

The Contenders

11 Vancouver
12 Lilac Wine
13 I Know It's Over

When I listen to that wonderful cover by Jeff... I feel it deep in my soul... RIP Jeff Buckley

14 Satisfied Mind
15 I Shall Be Released

Other than Hallelujah, this is definitely Jeff's best cover.

16 The Sky is a Landfill

So underrated... The emotion makes me want to cry

17 Kanga-Roo
18 Mama, You Been On My Mind
19 Jewel Box
20 Nightmares by the Sea

This song is so smooth. Needs to be higher

21 Corpus Christi Carol
22 You and I
23 Just Like a Women
24 Je N'en Connais Pas la Fin
25 Calling You
26 Morning Theft
27 Strawberry Street
28 Opened Once
29 If You See Her, Say Hello

It's a cover, but, he does this song very well and spills all of his emotions into each and every word. great talent, terrible loss

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1. Hallelujah
2. Mojo Pin
3. Forget Her
1. Hallelujah
2. I Know It's Over
3. Last Goodbye
1. Hallelujah
2. Mojo Pin
3. Grace

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