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1 Achmed the Dead Terrorist Achmed the Dead Terrorist

Thank You I totally agree Achmed The Dead Terrorist is the funniest doll he has I love him he is the greatest oh yeah I almost forgot SILENCE I KILL YOU! - michaelwalton

SILENCE! I kill you!

Yeah I think its pretty awesome so... GO CREEPYPASTA

His best moment was in the Christmas special

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2 Peanut Peanut

Best character on this list - tyefbhjebkffh

What makes this character funnier is that he acts racist!

I think peanut should be #1

The best! Yeeahow! - Boi

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3 Walter Walter

Walter is a grumpy old man and we all know someone like that, don't we? He's so funny too. He and Peanut are my favorites. How can anyone not like him.

Everything he says is pure gold - ryanrimmel

Walter for the win! Gold!

Walter: my wife said does this song make her ass fat I said no your fatass make your fatass fat the song is the victim

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4 Bubba J Bubba J

Definitely his best character. And his best joke, too: "-Where did you meet your wife, Bubba J? -At the family reunion."

€He’s making another left tuuurrnnn! ”

5 José Jalapeño on a Stick José Jalapeño on a Stick
6 Sweet Daddy Dee Sweet Daddy Dee

I want one for sale

All the dummies are good he really graet at what he do

7 Melvin the Superhero Guy Melvin the Superhero Guy
8 Little Ugly Assjeff
9 Achmed Junior

Half-bone, half-flesh. What all can I say?

10 Little Peanut

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11 Sheamus
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1. Peanut
2. Little Ugly Assjeff
3. Achmed the Dead Terrorist
1. Walter
2. Bubba J
3. Achmed the Dead Terrorist
1. Peanut
2. Walter
3. Bubba J

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