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41 Orange Sherbet V 1 Comment
42 Sunkist Lemon V 2 Comments
43 Cappuccino V 3 Comments
44 Pink Grapefruit

This one is my favorite, I really like how it looks on the outside and how distinct it is. Like the outside looks exactly like the skin of a citrus fruit and it tastes so good.

So sour and taste perfect!


45 Dark Chocolate
46 Margarita

This is HANDS DOWN the best flavor! Had it when I was in 6th grade and have fell in love with it ever since.

47 Kiwi
48 Sour Cherry

Sour cherry is the best! I really like sour candy and I LOVE cherrys. This is just like sour patch kids only way better. Whenever I get a bag of jellybeans I did for these
Great flavor!

49 Peanut Butter

If you're reading this list and your allergic to peanuts post a comment

I hate peanut butter

I really hate peanut butter beasides I'm allergic to it

Hashtag voted for pb and am allergic

V 2 Comments
50 Pizza

Rotten Egg is better than this

Worst flavor ever

51 Strawberry Jam
52 Tabasco

Tabasco? Oh god, next we're gonna have weed flavored beans - lucianwyland

It's actually a hot sauce

Do I have to explain?

Yes explain...

53 Blackberry
54 Lawn Trimmings

Lol this flavor might be easy to handle but I spit it out.

The 2nd best bean boozled flavor!

The name says it all

So gross

V 2 Comments
55 Grape Crush
56 Black Pepper
57 Baby Wipes

It's not stupid! Bean boozed is a fun challenge

Who would eat bean boozed? That's just stupid...

These are from the bean boozled challenge and I just love this flavor so much. I would buy it in bulk!

This is like a easy break in bean boozled some of them smell too bad to eat - Ilyas678

V 1 Comment
58 Wild Blackberry

Perfect mix of sweet and sour! I love the tangy ones, and this one is the best by far.

59 Cold Stone Birthday Cake
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