Best Jennifer Lopez Songs to Dance To


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1 Hold It Don't Drop It Hold It Don't Drop It

Its a song that should b listened to and danced on...

2 Waiting for Tonight Waiting for Tonight
3 Papi Papi
4 Dance Again Dance Again

Wow! I'm addicted to this song when I first heared it! Please vote for it J. Lo's fans.

Thank You!

- Louie Jay Doronio

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5 I'm Glad I'm Glad
6 Love Don't Cost a Thing Love Don't Cost a Thing
7 Play Play
8 Ain't It Funny Ain't It Funny
9 On the Floor On the Floor

Love it great song I just can't stop listening to it. 2011 was JLo's year

10 Jenny from the Block Jenny from the Block

The Contenders

11 Let's Get Loud Let's Get Loud
12 All I Have All I Have
13 I'm Into You I'm Into You
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