On the Floor


Really very good dancing music song I really like it
She is singing very awesome and very good

This song is absolutely brilliant! Its a worldwide hit and everybody loves it.. Its very catchy and full of energy

Cool and awesome and I'm REALLY saying that its DAMN awesome! Every word in the thesaurus won't be able to fill up even one page if I comment on this song!

On the floor is her best song... No doubt about it... It's got a nice beat to it... Pitbull's part is really good... The lyrics just rock!

I don't usually dance, I don't know how to dance, but this song makes me to "Get On The Floor", She ROCKS

She's really awesome, she sings, she perform and she take everything very well...

This song is my breath my soul... Its everything to me I love this song I love jennifer love you a lot... I can't express my happiness...

Awesome she is amazing featured songs perfect performance superb voice excellent choreographic and off course she is fabulous woman

This song is just so awesome.J Lo and Pitbull just rocked the world with this song.The video too was so damn good.

On the floor is the best song whenever my friend says song is say on the floor everyone knows I love j-lo so much!

It is AWESOME. Hey you have a very good voice. You were driving me crazy. Hey you ROCK J Lo you. Yo! On the Floor is hot

Brilliant just perfection the best song from her yet hopefully more to come and the music is kind of catchy

JLO is my goddess she is the most beautiful woman in the world and I think her songs are amazing as well

That's my favorite song in the world I sing it everywhere in the shower, in my bed I listen to it everyday.

Just awesome and the dance that she performed was just spectacular
I'm your biggest fan JENNIFER LOPEZ

This song is amazing one of the best songs she sings

Amazing and wonderful song love you jennifer

Simply the best of j-lo. She was awesome along side pitbull. I like the way she carried herself

I love this song! This is the best song of 2011! Listening to it, makes me just want to go on the floor!

Some people try to sing good but jennifer lopez born to sing especially for ON THE FLOOR.

This songs truly rocks! This is her first song I have heard and is my favourite! Thumbs up!

She Rocks to the coree.. Try hearing her next song *PAPI*.
I Loved it and it rocked

Good song superb man! It man pitbull and jennifer has together done a brilliant work!

Oh the irony! This is a remake of Lambada yet people say it is Jenny's best song! Come on!

It's cool! I love it cause it's calm and then suddenly it rocks! And I like how Jennifer Lopez is dressed!

I personally don't really listen to Jennifer Lopez, but this is a good song. - EpicJake