Best Jeremy Robinson Books

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1 The Didymus Contingency

A man goes back in time to disprove the resurrection of Jesus, and his friend follows him to stop him from changing the course of history.

I like the list, but the person needs an account so they can be reconized for it. great book by the way - maggot-104

2 Antarktos Rising

The worlds climate changes, leaving millions of people displaced, and Antarctica looking like the best option.

3 Beneath

When an asteroid hits Earth, and signs of life are found, it leads a group of scientists to follow it's trail back to a planet of ice.

4 Instinct

In this Jack Sigler "Chess Team" novel, a deadly disease has been unleashed on the world. An unstoppable disease. He and his team need to find the origin of the disease, and it's cure, before the worlds population is wiped out.

5 Pulse

When a Greek inscribed stone is found in Peru, a research team digs and finds the potential key to eternal life. But the competition heats up when word gets out. Jack Sigler and the Chess Team are back.

6 Raising the Past

When a flash frozen mammoth is found, totally intact, it's not just the mammoth, but what's inside that is so mysterious. Sabotage, mystery, and the potential destruction of mankind ensues.

7 Threshold

Another Chess Team novel.

8 The Last Hunter - Descent
9 Insomnia
10 Kronos

A rather far fetched novel, a little more than usual, make a weak, but still readable novel about loss and redemption, and finding faith along the way.

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