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21 I Don't Normally Do This
22 We Can Go Anywhere

Simply beautiful song ever...

23 The Writer

This song is beautiful, try to listen it and you will know what I mean

24 One Night

So amazing! He would give up so much for this girl just to be with her for one night. It sounds beautiful.

25 Tell Her
26 Tie the Knot

Best of Jesse's new music hands down!

I love this song best

27 Bleeding Love

This is so much better than Leona's version. Considering that Jesse co-wrote it. He wanted to record it but ended up giving it to Leona. But I just love Jesse's style when he sings.

Oh come on.. I don't undrstnd y ds song isn't here! This one is really beautiful.. People you need to listen ds

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28 I Think She Likes Me
29 Told You So
30 Out of Words
31 License
32 The Other Guy

Love the song! I never don't love it! You should listen to it!

33 When You Wish Upon a Star
34 I'll Try - Jesse McCartney

It's a great song. You really should listen to it..

35 Kissing You Goodbye

Kissing you goodbye
Starting a new life
Now I know that finally I'm done and through with you
You are not the one
Who can give me all

Kissing you goodbye
No more needs to try
Now I know exactly what I wanna do with my life
You will not be there
Cause we have nothing more... to share

I have never been so satisfied
With anything before my life
No, no
Leaving you was the best thing I could do
I'm so glad that we were broke

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