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1 Burn Burn

Jessica Mauboys very first single to hit number one and what a great song it is. The video clip is amazing as well. Second shiuld be Get Em Girls and third should be Saturday Night.

2 Because
3 Up/Down Up/Down
4 Running Back
5 Been Waiting
6 Let Me Be Me Let Me Be Me
7 Get Em' Girls

"I got all my Get Em' Girls I got all my Get Em' Girls". This is a great Jessica Mauboy song with a great verse (like always) by Snoop Dogg.

this is an awesome song which shows jessicas sexy side and snoop doggs awesome rap - decorulez97

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8 Saturday Night

I love that song! Its amazing and so catchy it should still be number 1 like! I LOVE IT

9 Chinese Whispers Chinese Whispers
10 Breathe Breathe

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11 Pop a Bottle

This song is the best song ever and I'm shocked that it hasn't lead her to success in America. It's on the radio in Australia constantly, and I love the beats. It's peaked at number two on Australian iTunes Charts and Australian national radio airplay charts.

12 What Happened to Us? What Happened to Us?

Jay Sean's vocals are amazing. No wonder the video has exceeded most others by Australian artists with almost 2 million views. Love hearing it on the radio.

13 Kiss Me Hello
14 Barriers
15 Empty Empty
16 Kick Up Your Heels

I'm excited for jessica to release this as a single... Hoping that this will allow for jessica to finally get famous internationally.

17 Ngarra Burra Ferra Ngarra Burra Ferra

Love it when Jess stays true to her aboriginal heritage!

18 Can I Get a Moment? Can I Get a Moment?
19 Beautiful
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