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1 Emma

You gotta be kidding. Emma is the worst. Bad actress, mean spoiled brat, bully, stupid, stereotype, annoying, useless, need I go on? She is rude and has no respect for anybody. Mean to her brothers and sister. She isn't even potty trained! All that's in her mind is shoes, fashion, boys, dating, popularity, glitter, pink, herself.

Are you serious? She's just a stereotypical spoiled girly-girly that only cares about boys and fashion. Not to mention that she's annoying as hell, as are all of the other characters of this awful show,

She and I are the same age, and I've felt like even though she's a girl and I'm a boy, I can relate to her and understand her problems. Yes, even though Jessie isn't your typical family, it's still pretty relatable. - Toontownlover5

I love Emma!

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2 Zuri Ross

Zuri is cool cute and diva and I am kinda like that but not the diva part she is funny and sweet and what she says is funny and sometimes she takes advantage of thing but in other words she is my favorite character and always will be

Answer because she is like me and her hair is just like me because my hair is like kind of like natural and I don't know how your hair is but it is like so like me would you and Jesse because it is cool that I have are almost like to

She is like my absolute favorite!
1. Zuri
2. Ravi
3. Emma
4. Jessie
5. Luke
Those were a list of my 5 faves! Zuri makes it to the top cause she has that stereotypical black girl attitude! - williamrozario

Zuri is awesome, fun, and cool and I admire her a lot

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3 Ravi Ross

Ravi is amazing. He's so sweet, and definitely has a good future ahead of him! I kind of feel bad for him though, because he doesn't have any human friends besides Jessie and his family. He deals with Luke and though he may not be physically strong, he is definitely mentally strong. Ravi Ross for the win!

Ravi is awesome. And really sweet. Always knows what to do in a situation

Ravi seems like the smartest. Also, he knows what to do in a situation... And he can do an awesome accent even though he has an American accent in real life.

Everyone in the episode says he's a nerd or geek
But he's really cool and smart

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4 Luke Ross

How is he not higher on this list? Oh well, he is still really funny and cute. And Jessie is the best show ever!

He is the funniest, he is so cool, and I love his style! I don't think Jessie would be the same without Luke he is the BEST

Luke has one girlfriend. Her name is isabel Adler luke can I tell you something but can I be your girlfriend

The guy, is awesome, and I mean AWESOME!

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5 Jessie Prescott Jessie Prescott

Debby Ryan does a much better at acting as Jessie in this show than she was as Bailey in Suite Life, in which she was just bland. I especially LOVE her red hair. - Toontownlover5

I know Jessie might not be the best character in the show but to have a lizard in front of her is just kind of wrong. - swrs1234

She should totally be number 1in the list this list is stupid

Jessie season 5

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6 Bertram Winkle

He has always been my favorite!

Bertram is one of my favorite characters and it is at a good place at this list. - Lilybethrocks

He's basically the show's Squidward


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7 Chubby the Bear

Remember: Zuri Owes You $5 CHUBS!

What the... How does one of Zuri's STUFFED ANIMALS qualify as a character? Boy you people must be getting desperate to find actually likable characters on this piece of crap show.

Very smart she still answer Fleming and super sweet and smart and beautiful

Zuri claims Chubby single handily resumed peace between the US and Canada.
She also says " I believe the words your looking for are thank you Chubby "
Did you know there is an Old Man Chubbz?!

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8 Rosie

Rosie is a good character because she is funny and Kelly Gould was on Hannah Montana (I hate that show but she already on something Disney) Rosie acts like a Ross kid she should be higher. Agatha is ugly, whys she here?

Rosie has good emotions and a terrible life you have to feel for her. Emma and Bryn piss me off.

Whos rosie? - Lilybethrocks

9 Tony

Stereotypical Italian. Was slightly entertaining at first but went stale fast.

I don't really like tony. - Lilybethrocks

I Like Uncle Joey's Suit! Tony Has An Italian New Yorker Accent! Turns Out He Was The Victum Of A-Salt!

10 Mr. Kipling

He's just YEA! He can do so many cool things that NO reptile can do. slap an elevator button I mean HANDS DOWN MR. KIPLING!

Mr Kipling or Mr. Kipling either One is obviously the best

You do realise the reptile is a she. - EJ0602

He caught angel falling like 12 feet :/
Well actually they found out Mr was a Mrs.

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11 Shaylee
12 Kenny the Koala

It's cute... Luke lovin him! Bon, I love my stuffed animals!

It Looks Better W/A K,.. OK

13 Rhoda Chesterfield

She's so funny, especially when she's flirting with Bertram or yelling. Definitely beats Good Luck Charlie. - Toontownlover5

I like her a little because she is actually kinda nice.

POINT RHODA! Favorite Jessie quote.

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14 Christina Ross V 1 Comment
15 Bertram

Awesome actor... I love his crying and whining.

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16 Branchy V 1 Comment
17 Hammy

What kind of name is HAMMY right when I saw it I knew she was a stupid character

Who is hammy

so cute

18 Granny Gaga

She was is one super short scene for a New York Subway joke. She didn't even have any dialogue! She is an old lady dressed in a Lady Gaga costume in the episode Take A Train I Think...

Me either they can't just put some fake characters on this website that is just not right

I watched all of the Jessie episodes and I have not heard of a granny gaga

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19 Chris Bosh Chris Bosh Christopher Wesson Bosh is an American professional basketball player for the Miami Heat of the National Basketball Association.

He made ONE stupid cameo. Chubby the Bear, now Bosh? I knew you people were desperate for likable characters.

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20 Stuart Wooten V 1 Comment
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