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21 Party in the U.S.A.

I just wanna know her real name so that I can write a letter to her so put your hands up butterfly fly away

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22 Sexy Silk

I just can say, I really really really love it

Excellent rhythm, it!

23 Hero

Why is this song placed in this rank?
This song's awesome! Uplifting and inspiring.

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24 Alive

Good song. It makes me alive again!

25 Casualty of Love Casualty of Love

Really love this song.. Make me feel so peaceful.. I like the genre of this song.. And the song lyrics is amazing.. This one is my favourite.. More and more love her.. Aww...

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26 Silver Lining Silver Lining V 2 Comments
27 Sweet Talker Sweet Talker

Awesome! This song deserves to be a single.

Love it, acoustic it's even better

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28 Run Baby

Tell me what you think I think I love run baby the most

29 My Shadow My Shadow

Beautiful, strong, uplifting, nothing more to say, this song really just is uplifting, another reason jessie j rose to fame in the first place

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30 Up Up
31 I Need This I Need This V 1 Comment
32 I Look So Good (Without You)

That Song Is Sang By Jessie James, Not Jessie J (Jessica Cornish).

33 I Miss Her

I really love the tone of her voice in this song

34 Calling All Hearts Calling All Hearts
35 You Don't Really Know Me You Don't Really Know Me

I love this song. It really tells a story and I love it because it's so real and from the heart.

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36 Get Away Get Away V 1 Comment
37 Sometimes Dream Come True
38 Conquer the World V 1 Comment
39 Personal Personal V 1 Comment
40 Strip Strip V 1 Comment
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