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21 Sexy Lady
22 L.O.V.E.

This rocks it's so catchy upbeat and I love it

Such an underrated song it deserves way more attention along with lazerlight!

Great beat

23 Big White Room

Her voice is so beautiful in this song. If I hear the song I really can feel the emotions that she's trying to give us. I got goosebumbs


24 Get Away V 1 Comment
25 Personal V 1 Comment
26 Party in the U.S.A.

I just wanna know her real name so that I can write a letter to her so put your hands up butterfly fly away

V 1 Comment
27 I Miss Her

Absolutely love this song! Amazing! Jessie I could listen to this song forever.

I really love the tone of her voice in this song

28 Sexy Silk

I just can say, I really really really love it

Excellent rhythm, it!

29 Alive

Good song. It makes me alive again!

30 Hero

Why is this song placed in this rank?
This song's awesome! Uplifting and inspiring.

V 3 Comments
31 Silver Lining V 2 Comments
32 Casualty of Love

Really love this song.. Make me feel so peaceful.. I like the genre of this song.. And the song lyrics is amazing.. This one is my favourite.. More and more love her.. Aww...

Amazing song


33 Sweet Talker

Awesome! This song deserves to be a single.

Love it, acoustic it's even better

V 2 Comments
34 Run Baby

Tell me what you think I think I love run baby the most

35 Up
36 I Need This V 1 Comment
37 I Look So Good (Without You)

That Song Is Sang By Jessie James, Not Jessie J (Jessica Cornish).

38 Calling All Hearts
39 Sometimes Dream Come True
40 Conquer the World V 1 Comment
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