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1 Arashi

They have everything! They can act, sing, talk jokes, saying people in a funny way, looks and many more. But lastly they have us as a FAN!


SMAP is awesome! They can do everythings, best enterainer and cheerful people. They are best team forever. More than 20 years for them is show how great they are...


They are really awesome! b

SMAP ARE THE LEGEND! They have shown every other band how it's done.
They struggled, fought for themselves, and have earned every bit of their success.
All the other bands who have followed SMAP owe them appreciation and respect.

5 Kinki Kids
6 Hey!Say!7
7 Hey!Say!JUMP

Awesome friendships and bonds among group the members.. Although they start off a being strangers.. They go against the odds over the years they have become stronger as a group. They have the most charismatic and 'beautiful' ace among JE band; Yamada Ryosuke.

Hey! Say! JUMP is the best boyband ever!
Since they have the most amount of members, they can do a lot of things using their talents!
Not only singing and dancing, they also play instruments such as drum, guitars, bass, piano, saxophone, and tambourine, and make JUMP BAND.
They can make a lot variety of songs since they have different personalities and each of them has the ability to write and compose songs.
All of them have good basics at singing such as Yabu and Hikaru, and some of them might be the best dancers in Johnnys, such as Chinen and Yamada.
With a lot of members, they can give more variety in their concerts, which they arrange by themselves. They even can do acrobats as in circuses.
They are so young, but yet they are already experienced. From what that I know, the average age for HSJ when they were debut was the youngest compared to their sempai, and even though after them there are groups which are younger than them debut, they still way more ...more

8 Tackey & Tsubasa
10 V6

V6 has a variety of songs; from cute to depressing, from energetic to heart-breaking, from sexy to up-lifting. They have this "bond" that's hard to explain because with words, there are a thousand words I could type to explain them, but not one to summarize them. They always have this "vibe" that once you see it, you'll know where it is, when it is, and what it is. You'll feel it, in their songs, dramas, movies, personalities and most of all, because of who they are.

I love V6.
Why? V6 is really a super group! They are not only a group but also a family. Their songs are great too.. Most of them are energetic song. Hear their song can make brighten our day too. And ofc, even they have been over 30s Y. O, but they still energetic and can dancing greatly (even the younger one sometimes loose to them. Laugh out loud)

Whenever I see V6 I immediately feel a strong friendship among them, which I think is the reason why they project a feeling of security on stage, like they don't try too hard to perform well just to please the audience but that they do it because they feel good about doing it together. I also especially like the way they dance, which is what made me like them immediately after the first time I saw them singing/performing "Feel Your Breeze". I think they're cool because they're not trying too hard to be so. <3 Love them!

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11 Sexy Zone
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