Best Jim Croce Songs

Jim Croce was an underrated musician. I just want to honor him with a list of his best songs.

The Top Ten

1 I Got a Name

'I Got a Name' is a beautiful, thought-provoking song. When I was listening to it for the time, Jim Croce's words pierced my heart, and I knew that they will stay there for a long time.

The song of life. Enough said. Should be #1

One of the most meaningful songs I've ever heard.

Best love song ebver!

2 Time In a Bottle

This song was a love masterpiece.

Shame on me! I came to know about this song after watching Days of Future Past and it has been on repeat in my player since then.

Simply beautiful. I have a dry soul. This song finds tears from deep within and brings them out.

I thought I was a soulless human until I finally shed tears to this.

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3 Operator (That's Not the Way It Feels)

Just gives me goose bumps each and every time I hear it. Never gets old. The best guitar work on any Croce song other than maybe 'I'll have to say I Love you in song'

I saw a live version of this song on Saturday Night Live not long after the plane crash. Jim and Maury alone on the stage. Man, did that ever move me to tears.

Operator well could you help me place this call? You see the number on the matchbook is old and faded

Easily the best song, lyrically brilliant, best song ever about lost love

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4 I'll Have to Say I Love You In a Song
5 One Less Set of Footsteps
6 You Don't Mess Around With Jim
7 Photographs and Memories
8 Hey Tomorrow
9 A Long Time Ago
10 Bad, Bad Leroy Brown

The Contenders

11 Walking Back to Georgia
12 Working at the Car Wash Blues
13 Roller Derby Queen
14 Tomorrow's Gonna Be a Brighter Day

A good pick me up song

15 Lover's Cross
16 The Hard Way Every Time
17 New York's Not My Home

This is the best song, with its powerful emotions, and beautiful strings.

18 Speedball Tucker
19 Box #10

Listen to deserves a spot.

20 Dreamin' Again

This is such a beautiful song. It deserves to be on this list.

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