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21 Big Casino

The raw energy of this song makes it the third in a row for perfect energetic openers of a Jew album (after Bleed American and Futures).

Amazing song, good sound by band and amazing vocals. Jimmy eat world never fail to impress.

22 Claire

This is my second favorite song by them, second only to Clarity. So beautiful.

23 Last Christmas
24 Appreciation
25 Always Be

I for sure thought this would be first on the list. This song was the second song I heard by Jimmy Eat World, the first being The Middle. This is the one that got me into the band! Its absolutely incredible.

26 Futures

A song with a serious case of underrated

Should be #1. Heavy, melodic, and a great riff... what more can you ask for...

27 Here It Goes
28 Night Drive

Dark, sexy, with a building sense of urgency. 'Now's the right time for a good song. Get something to say what I can't' is one of my favorite Jew lyrics. Killer song, killer album.

The most beutiful songs that ever exist in this world are not in this list... Night drive and polaris are suprime

29 Dizzy

This song kills me. Raw and honest, what Jimmy Eat World does best. The lyrics are so heartfelt. "...and shame never crept close to our naked feet." Brilliant.

30 Let It Happen

This may be my favorite song of all time. It may be lesser known, but it is incredible and deserves a listen from everyone!

This should be in the top ten. Very catchy and one of the best songs by them. I listen to it 24/7

31 The World You Love

Seriously underrated song, deserves way more credit. One of the best on futures

How was this not on the list! Easily top ten.

This is 36? WHAT? in my opinion, this is their best song. listen to the demo version too

32 My Sundown

This song would be higher if it was a radio release! Anyone who owns this album will know the beauty of this song. "Hear You Me" is a close second in my opinion.

Anyone know any other songs like this? Good song, good meaning, how is it not higher up? Like number 5/6?

This should be higher up! This song changed my life.. Like 23..

How is this song not higher up?!

33 Higher Devotion
34 Goodbye Sky Harbor

I don't understand why this is all the way down here. It seems like most people haven't listened to their albums before Bleed American. Goodbye Sky Harbor is their best song, if not one of the best songs ever.

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35 Blister
36 Coffee and Cigarettes
37 I Will Steal You Back

I'm shocked to see this so low, the only possible explanation is that not enough people have listed to it.
Give it a listen, I Will Steal You Back is seriously underrated.

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38 The Authority Song

This song should be in top 10. So underrated.

39 Be Sensible
40 Your House
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