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1 Melody Nurramdhani Laksani

Melody is the most Phenomenal JKT48 Member, She has a very unique and beautiful voice, She is The Best.

It will going to be the future star Well! I look forward to

It is a girl with a singing ability really

You are nice and voice pitch too is solid!

2 Nabilah Ratna Ayu Azalia

Beauty girls, energetic andbawesome.

Nabilah aku ngefans sama kamu
Aku pengen banget ketemu sama Oshi Nabilah ratna ayu azalia

Meskipun dia member yang paling muda, tapi dia adalah member yang paling cantik dan paling kawaii! Semangat terus Bil! I will keep support you my best oshi!

Nabilah is the beautiful of all in jkt48 ^_^ she is my oshi

3 Devi Kinal Putri

The best captain jkt48

Very beautifull and full of humor

K3 (Kapten Kinal Keren / Captain Kinal is Cool) m/

Always be the best capt! Ganbatte! :D

4 Shania Junianatha

She is so cute and always perform all out on the stage

Her spirit always bring sunshine

Shania we always support you!

She has the smilling eyes that very very sweet

5 Rena Nozawa

She is a dreamer who wanted to be a writer, she got unicorn in her bed and also like umeboshi (sugar plum) I really love her cute voice and her gesture like a doll... I think Rena is the MOST KAWAII-est member in JKT48!

You'll be the best! Trust me, believe it!

Because She is very beautifull

Rena-chan Super Duper Kawaii

6 Jessica Veranda

Ve is my oshimen, love her chubby cheeks. She have a great taste of art, inspiring girl. And of course her dance and her attitude towards the fans is good too. Polite and elegant, like a swan princess.

As sweet as sugar... Damn her smile is so mind-blowing I couldn't stand it. Her shyness makes her looks like an angel, and combined with that princess-y attitude, aww Ve, you got my heart

The angel on earth deserved her best on everything. Keep supporting Ve JKT48 at all cost and be always the most fashionable in JKT48!

We always support Jessica Veranda... We protect her, we pray for her, we love her the only "jessica Veranda Tanumihardja"

7 Frieska Anastasia Laksani

At first time I see her, she looks like A-chan member from Perfume

Tenang dan Easy going aku frieska, I love you frieska @agann97

8 Cindy Gulla

This is my oshi forever :*
She's so cute and energetic

Seperti gula nenceriakan harimu, namaku Cindy Gulla :)

Semangat ya Cindy Christina Gulla :D


9 Ayana Shahab

Her eye make me know about the meaning of beauty

Her sleepy eyes and her voice is beauty

Ayana is the best

Ayana is very beautifull and sweet girl

10 Haruka Nakagawa

I really love her character. Always smile in every situation. I think she is comedian of JKT48. One of the leader in jkT48. Ganbatte Haruka

She must be in Top 3 > <)

Haruka nakagawa paling the best ok

The Contenders
11 Sonya Pandarmawan

Call her "Miss Hungry"
She always try to do better and better

We always support you Panda

She is my reason why I am live

I think she the cutest member in JKT48 :D


12 Ghaida Farisya

Perfect and fantastic idol. Makes me proud to support JKT48

Her spirit and power inspired me, ganbatte ghaida

Undescription, but I can support her always

Go go go Kamen Ghaida

13 Jessica Vania

Jejee for me is agent of Happines
Beautiful smile and good looking face make me melted
Good talent in piano

14 Stella Cornelia

She is beautiful, adult, his deadly smile, melodious voice, and perfect

I can only say, "She is one among all of the greatest gift, from Above."

Pokoknya cici stella tuh perfect deh

Ganbatte cici, aku kan terus mendukungmu..

15 Beby Chaesara Anadila

Having Beby is more than Enough for me. She is pretty good dancer. Very dilligent and really smart. If you get more categories, I would like to choose her instead of all!

I don't know why Beby is my inspiration. But I know, I love to support Beby Chaesara Anadila JKT48

The Dancing Machine of JKT48, smart, cute, high passion and nice personality. She likes AKB48 and her oshi is Oshima Yuko.

The hard worker one

16 Delima Rizky

She a very sweet girl...

17 Aki Takajo

Dual member of JKT48 & AKB48, the youngest member ever to be promoted to the A team.

Though she isn't in JKT anymore, but I'm still in love with her!

18 Rezky Wiranti Dhike

Chouzetshu Kawaii... Ikeey..! Lets do it one more time Chouzetshu Kawaii... Ikeey..!
His face representing the relation of indonesia and japan.
Like the Others Tsundere Her smile is limited edition, but trust "me when she smile The whole world stops and stares for awhile because girl you amazing just the way you are"

When I saw JKT48 Commercial Video Laurier Go with Thin in 2012. Dhike like love in the first sight, her smile Bright like a sun and soft like Morning dew.

My tsundere girl.. So beautiful, who needs a smile, if you could draw my attention only with your straight cold face :) ganbaikey...

19 Shinta Naomi

She is the hottest oshi ever..

20 Sonia Natalia
21 Neneng Rosediana
22 Sendy Ariani

Sendy is beautiful, and always smile to the other. She is a joyfull and kawaii member...

Sendy is an unique member :) I love her. Beautiful smile and so kind to all her fans

Go sendy, I like u'r smile.

Senym sendy manis banget. Like This

23 Cindy Yuvia

She has the sweetest smile

I love you cindy yuvia..

She is good talent and has beautifull eyes

24 Cleopatra Djapri

Public speaking in JKT48

25 Diasta Priswarini
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