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1 Bad Repuation

Number 1 Bad Reputation, it's so damn obvious!

If you think that putting this as number 1 will destroy your reputation then just DON'T GIVE A DAMN BOUT' your BAD REPUTATION.

Should be number one, such an awesome punk rock song that you can't help but rock out to!

This is not a song by joan jett, this is THE SONG BY JOAN JETT

I love Joan Jett and all her songs! Please play them for me!

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2 I Love Rock N' Roll

After being rejected by 23 major labels she decided to produce her own album and the Single "Rock n' Roll" sold over 10 million copies worldwide!

This is Joan Jett's best song. I don't know that many songs by her, but this is the best for sure. Knowing that she started out doing this kind of stuff at just 15 is cool. She started her own band right at 15 & she is a very talented musician & singer.

This overall is a great song it shows that girls can rock too. I love rock and roll!


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3 Wasted
4 I Hate Myself for Loving You

This is such a sick beat! Damn this chic can sing! The drumming beat is so catchy and you can tell she has so much fun performing it. I never get sick of this song.

One of the finest songs by Joan Jett and the black hearts! Epic vocals and music! Should be at number one

One of the best songs I have ever heard.

This song rules

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5 Nag

Must in the top 5!

6 I Wanna Be Your Dog
7 Cherry Bomb

It's going to be our wedding song! Goes sweet to kick ask, back to slow...describes us perfectly! Jen & Alicia

8 Real Wild Child
9 Do You Wanna Touch Me? (Oh Yea)

It was as a great sound track in American Pie Band Camp

My opinion is this is the best song by Joan Jett.

This song is amazing! it really gets you pumped up, the beat is what makes the song!

10 Crimson and Clover

Joan Jett must have been high when she wrote this song, that's why I love it. It comes to my head whenever one of my crushes pass by me in the school hallways! - SerialSinner

Love Joan they make singers like this anymore

She actually didn't right this @serialsinner she covered it. It originally was written and played in 1967 by tommy James and the shondells. Quite a Trippy song. You should check it out


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11 Dirty Deeds
12 A.C.D.C.
13 Love is Pain
14 I Love Playing with Fire
15 Change the World
16 Have You Ever Seen the Rain
17 Any Weather

That is my opinion

18 Everyday People
19 Fake Friends
20 Star Star
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