Best Job for a Cowboy Songs

This list is the top ten songs by Job For a Cowboy.

The Top Ten

1 Entombment of a Machine

This is the song to start all the madness! If there was no Entombment Of A Machine it's safe to say there would be no JFAC or at least the Job we know and love today


Greatest deathcore song I've ever heard. It is very hardcore and the lyrics and very good. Music to my bleeding ears. Oh, and one more thing, the Black Veil Brides suck major horse. - ForeverHeadstrong

2 Unfurling a Darkened Gospel
3 Knee Deep
4 Constitutional Masturbation
5 Regurgitated Disinformation
6 Reduced to Mere Filth
7 Embedded

This and Entombment of a Machine should be tied for #1 in my opinion, that breakdown at about the 2 minute mark kicks butt.

8 Relinquished
9 Summon the Hounds
10 Altered from Catechization

The Newcomers

? Imperium Wolves
? Black Discharge

The Contenders

11 Ruination
12 Bearing the Serpents Lamb
13 Suspended by the Throat
14 Children of Deceit
15 Lords of Chaos
16 The Divine Falsehood
17 Misery Reformatory

This song will make you go insane, Gloom is really underrated.

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18 Nourishement Through Bloodshed

I hate how bad of a reputation this band has because of Doom. They aren't that crappy simplistic deathcore anymore, far from it. This song is straight up insanity. Davy's vocals are demonic. I love the way it transitions too. I don't know what to call the first half, but its awesome. The second half is just crush your skull death metal. They've grown so much as a band.

19 Fearmonger
20 Tarnished Gluttony

A welcomed change of pace in comparison to most of JFAC other material.

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